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MADE IN ABYSS Original Soundtrack [Limited Edition]

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Dec 2017
Publish Format Commercial, Limited Edition
Release Price 37.80 USD
Media Format 2 Vinyl
Classification Original Soundtrack
Published by
Composed by Kevin Penkin
Arranged by
Performed by Synchron Stage Orchestra (Dimitrie Leivici, Damir Orascanin, Anna Obermayer, Giorgia Veneziano, Klaus Heger, Barbara Untiedt, Florian Eggner, Jonas Krejci, Ciro Vigilante, Stefanie Mölle, Sandra Stini, Wolfgang Klinser, Alexander Pongracz, Marcello Padilla, Felix Dervaux, Villiam Vojcik, Matthias Weber, Stefan Obmann, Michael Linus Bock, Andreas Guggenberger), Video Game Orchestra / (Sho Omagari / , Rebecca Nelson, Michael Hustedde, Chris Ferrara, Shaoqing Xu, Marcio Candido, Yongxiang Ren, Farley Masterton, Nelli Jabotinsky, Aleksandra Labinska, Tudor Dornescu, Kun Shao, Egle Jarkova, Laura Ciaccio, Kenneth Mok, Onur Dilisen, Daniel Kurganov, Even Perry, Rebecca Hallowell, Samuel Kelder, Carol Lee, Anna Shemetyeva, Lu Yu, Kett Lee, Jake Charkey, Simon Linn Gerstein, Ben Swartz, Kate Foss, Bingwen Yang, Rich Kelly, Steve Banzert, Andrew Moreschi), Raj Ramayya, Takeshi Saito, Amelia Jones
Lyrics by Raj Ramayya, Takeshi Saito


Disc 1

01 To the Abyss!
02 Underground River (opening version ft.Raj Ramayya)
03 New World
04 Made in Abyss
05 Swings and Roundabouts
06 Saber-tooth
07 Depths of the Abyss
08 Gallantry and Recapitulation
09 Walking the Streets
10 Maul
11 Theme of Reg
12 Hanezeve Caradhina (ft.Takeshi Saito)
13 Beni-Kuchi-Nawa
14 Those Everyday Feels
15 The First Layer
16 2 Months
Disc length
Disc 2

01 Riko's Theme
02 In the Blind
03 Forces Beyond Control
04 Tour the Abyss
05 Forest of the Abyss
06 Nanachi in the Dark
07 Outside
08 Reg’s Power
09 The Pit
10 Crucifixion
11 Pathway
12 Relinquish
13 Remembering Home
14 Welcome to my World
15 Tomorrow
Disc length

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M-1.01~08 - SIDE A
M-1.09~16 - SIDE B
M-2.01~08 - SIDE C
M-2.09~15 - SIDE D

Music Composed, Produced and Conducted by Kevin Penkin
Music Produced by Hiromitsu Iijima
Music Work Cooperation by Goh Wakabayashi (KADOKAWA)
Mixed by Falk Au Yeong
Ambient Music Design by Sam Giles
Score Consultation by Maeve McCarthy

Vienna Sessions:

Recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna
Synchron Stage Orchestra

Sound Engineer & Technical Director
Bernd Mazagg

Concert Master
Dimitrie Leivici

Pro Tool Operator
Martin Pauser

Monitor Engineer
Roland Tscherne

Project Coordination
Stefan Steinbauer

Score Printing by Vienna Music Angels

Violin I - Dimitrie Leivici
Violin II - Damir Orascanin
Violin III - Anna Obermayer
Viola I - Giorgia Veneziano
Viola II - Klaus Heger
Viola III - Barbara Untiedt
Violoncello I - Florian Eggner
Violoncello II - Jonas Krejci
Doublebass - Ciro Vigilante
Flute I - Stefanie Mölle
Flute II - Sandra Stini
Clarinet I - Wolfgang  Klinser
Clarinet II - Alexander Pongracz
Bassoon - Marcello Padilla
French Horn I - Felix Dervaux
French Horn II - Villiam Vojcik
Trumpet - Matthias Weber
Trombone - Stefan Obmann
Trombone - Michael Linus Bock
Tuba - Andreas Guggenberger

Boston Sessions:

Recorded at WGBH Fraser Recording Studio
Video Game Orchestra

Production Company
SoundtRec Boston

Production Director and Conductor
Shota Nakama

Production Assistant
Emily Shibata

Strings Coordinator
Rebecca Hallowell

Brass Coordinator
Rick Copeland

Recording Engineer
Robin Moore

Studio Manager
Thomas Devlin

Concert Master
Sho Omagari

Violin I
Rebecca Nelson
Michael Hustedde
Chris Ferrara
Shaoqing Xu
Marcio Candido
Yongxiang Ren
Farley Masterton
Nelli Jabotinsky

Violin II
Aleksandra Labinska (Principal)
Tudor Dornescu
Kun Shao
Egle Jarkova
Laura Ciaccio
Kenneth Mok
Onur Dilisen
Daniel Kurganov

Even Perry (Principal)
Rebecca Hallowell
Samuel Kelder
Carol Lee
Anna Shemetyeva
Lu Yu

Kett Lee (Principal)
Jake Charkey
Simon Linn Gerstein
Ben Swartz

Double Bass
Kate Foss (Principal)
Bingwen Yang

Rich Kelly
Steve Banzert
Andrew Moreschi

Melbourne Sessions:

Vocals Recorded at Frostfire Audio

Recording Engineer
Chris O’Neill

Vocal Performances:

Raj Ramayya
Takeshi Saito
Amelia Jones

"The Underground River"
Lyrics and Vocals
Raj Ramayya

Vocal Producer
Theo Nogueira

Vocals Recorded at Strawberry Hill Music

"Hanezeve Caradhina"
Lyrics and Vocals
Takeshi Saito