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民安 ともえ (たみやす ともえ)
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Tomoe Tamiya
Jan 3
Hiroshima, Japan
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12.29 Onegai ♪ Goshujinsama! Original Sound Track ALCR-104 Performer


01.26 TECHNO RIDER TAMMY SRIN-1029 Performer, Lyricist
05.18 Sensei ☆ Oshiete! / Tomoe Tamiyasu × Ruri Yakushi YRSD-0006 Performer
11.30 Trouble Succubus Original Soundtrack CHCD-1011 Performer, Lyricist
12.29 Alchemy SOUND Vocal Collection ALCR-106 Performer, Lyricist
12.29 Little Busters! Character Song ~Rin~ "Rin no Hisoka na Koi no Uta / Mission:Love sniper" KSLA-0038 Performer
12.29 SMILEBIT -TECHNORIDER TAMMY 2- SRIN-1038 Performer, Lyricist


01.23 Tamiuta. SRIN-1039 Performer, Lyricist
05.14 Osouji Sentai Clean Keeper Soundtrack SRIF-1006 Performer
06.26 Jig Battle Heroes Anime Songs Collection N/A Performer
08.29 Hime Nochi Honey Original Soundtrack "Hanitora" HM/HONYEST81 Performer
09.19 STEP ~SideStep Theme Song Collection~ / Ruri Yakushi YRAD-0002 Performer
09.24 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! Vol.1 LTBS-0001 Performer
11.26 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! Vol.2 LTBS-0002 Performer
11.28 SIN -Kurotokiiro no Syoujyo- Cruel's Character Disc SIN-TOKUTEN Performer
11.28 SiN -Kurotokiiro no Syoujyo- Sound Track SMSK-ST Performer
12.28 KSL Live World 2008 ~Way to the Little Busters! EX~ KSLA-0045~6 Performer


01.30 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! Vol.3 LTBS-0003 Performer
02.06 Rocks Juice SSRE-0002 Performer, Lyricist
03.26 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! Vol.4 LTBS-0004 Performer
04.24 Majisuki ~Marginal Skip~ Original Sound Track MOONS-013 Performer
05.29 Majisuki ~Marginal Skip~ Vocal Album PBCA-0010 Performer
06.26 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! (21) Vol.1 LTBS-0005 Performer
09.18 Dakko Shite Gyu! ~Nanji Tonari no Yome wo Aise~ Bonus CD N/A Performer
09.25 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! (21) Vol.2 LTBS-0006 Performer
10.02 Madou Souhei Kleinhasa - Oniyuri Chuutai, Kyodai Onsen KLEINHASA-SP Performer
11.27 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! (21) Vol.3 LTBS-0007 Performer
12.29 Little Busters!-EX Character Song ~Sasami~ "Neko to Garasu to Marui Tsuki / Alicemagic ~Aroma Tablet mix~" KSLA-0050 Performer


01.21 Natsume Brassieres (21) NTBR-2101 Performer
01.29 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! (21) Vol.4 LTBS-0008 Performer
01.29 AMA ANE Voice Drama + PeasSoft Soundtrack PSCD-6001~2 Performer
04.23 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! (21) Vol.5 LTBS-0009 Performer
04.29 Iro ni Ide ni Keri Waga Koi wa - Rio to Komachi no Hiru no Hit Studio SKR-188 Performer
06.25 AMA ANE Shop Bonus Drama CD 46601604 Performer
07.23 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! (21) Vol.6 LTBS-0010 Performer
07.30 GWAVE 2009 2nd Ace IMAE-00042 Performer
08.13 Sugar+Spice2 Splash colors!! -7vocal & bgm music disc- IMAE-00043 Performer
09.22 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! (21) Vol.7 LTBS-0011 Performer
09.24 WALPURGIS Original Sound Track N/A Performer
10.29 Crayon Tulip Original Sound Track "Crayon Music Festival" SCR013TOK Performer
11.26 Kicking Horse Rhapsody Complete Soundtrack AH-KI-002 Performer
11.26 Radio Little Busters! Natsume Brothers! (21) Vol.8 LTBS-0012 Performer
12.24 Yotsuiro Passionato! ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK SF-017 Performer


01.31 AKABEiSOFT2 5years Anniversary Song Collection DIFE-1001~3 Performer, Lyricist
10.06 Tsugi no Giseisha o Oshirase Shimasu: Kimi to Kono Hateru Kotonai Kurayami o Original Drama CD N/A Performer
12.08 Tsugi no Giseisha o Oshirase Shimasu: Shi to Zetsubou o Norikoete Original Drama CD BOOST-009 Performer
12.22 Alice Vocal Collection II AST-004 Performer
12.29 Good night, KickingHorse Rhapsody! AL-AV-006 Performer
12.29 HoKey PoKey -Key Cover Song Collection- VQCD-0003 Performer


01.27 SUPER SHOT4 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-007 Performer
03.21 Taiko no Tatsujin Original Soundtrack "Full Combo!" COCX-37270~1 Performer
03.23 Silicon☆Magic SOUND COLLECTION Dare ni mo Tomerare Night MDPR-0002 Performer
06.06 Stare / Paprika DDCZ-1805 Performer
07.27 atled -everlasting song- Vocal Album N/A Performer, Lyricist
08.02 Soreyuke! Burunyan-Man Portable Soundtrack CD ALCH-00035A Performer
08.31 ALcot Vocal Collection. Vol.4 Ding Dong Alcot-AV-009 Performer


02.15 AliceSoundAlbum VOL.23 PASTEL CHIME 3 BINDSEEKER ASS-028 Performer
04.26 Guardian☆Place ~Do S na Imouto to 3-nin no Yome~ ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK SF-032 Performer, Lyricist
07.26 3-nin Iru! ~Happy Wedding in Livingroom~ Original Sound Track RIFC-0002 Lyricist
08.30 Girls be Ambitious! Original Sound Track SCRREC-006 Performer
09.06 KOI-UTA SIXTEEN SFRC-0001 Performer
10.31 Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 4th DIFE-1022 Performer


04.29 Little Busters! PERFECT Vocal Collection KSLA-0095~6 Performer

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