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小高 光太郎 (おだか こうたろう)
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Nov 12, 1983
Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, Japan
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03.24 Saishuu Shiken Kujira Original Sound Track LACA-5371 Composer, Arranger
07.07 Gift Mini Vocal Album LACA-5413 Composer, Arranger
10.26 D.C.S.S. VOCAL ALBUM Vol.1 LACA-5438 Composer, Arranger


01.12 Gift - Niji-Iro Stories 'Seven Color Ribbon' LACA-5462 Composer
02.22 Kioku Baraen / Ai Shimizu LHCM-1019 Composer, Arranger
04.26 Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rondo Character Song Collection LHCA-5036 Composer
10.25 Gift: Prism opening theme "Niji-iro" LACM-4303 Arranger
11.22 D.C.II ~Da Capo II~ Character Song Album LACA-5567 Arranger
12.06 Otogi Juushi Akazukin Character Mini Album Vol.2 ~Sanjuushi & Ringo~ GBCA-12 Arranger, Performer
12.21 crystal3 ~ Circus Vocal Collection Vol. 3 LACA-5592 Composer, Arranger


02.21 Madoromi no Rakuen / Ceui LHCM-1029 Composer, Arranger
03.21 Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora Original Sound Track LHCA-5067 Composer, Arranger
05.23 mellow melody / Ceui LACM-4372 Composer, Arranger
06.27 TV Animation "sola" Original Sound Track soukyunohate LACA-5644 Composer, Arranger
08.08 oratorio LACA-5661 Composer, Arranger
08.22 TVanimation "Polyphonica" CharacterSongAlbum Meta-morphose LACA-5667 Composer, Arranger
10.01 ETERNAL FANTASY Taikan Disc ~prelude~ CIRCUS-0172 Arranger


02.27 Songs from Eternal Fantasy LACA-5745 Arranger
04.23 @Lantis NON STOP DANCE REMIX vol.1 LACA-5767 Composer
11.26 Ragnarok Online 6th Anniversary Image Song "Kamigami no Uta" LACM-4538 Composer, Arranger
12.17 last cross / Masami Mitsuoka PCCA-02807 Arranger


01.07 TALES OF THE ABYSS Image Song Album - brilliant world LACA-5842 Composer, Arranger
05.13 espacio / Ceui LACM-4607 Composer, Arranger
05.27 Valkyrie Complex Opening Theme "Seisen Spectale" LACM-4620 Composer, Arranger
06.10 Asa ANSWER / PENGIN ESCL-3206 Composer, Arranger
06.24 Valkyrie Complex Vocal Album LACA-5927 Composer, Arranger
08.05 Centifolia / Ceui LASM-4023 Composer, Arranger
08.26 Pretty☆Witch☆Academy! OP/ED Themes + Insert Song "Prism" / Ceui LACM-4643 Composer, Arranger
08.26 Aoi Hana Original Soundtrack Sweet LASA-5009 Composer, Arranger
08.28 Brighter than Dawning Blue -Moonlight Cradle- Music Collection -Future Passport- AUG-7201 Arranger
09.09 Lantis 10th anniversary Best 090926 LACA-9159~60 Composer, Arranger


03.25 Tatakau Shisho The Book of Bantorra Original Sound Track LHCA-9007 Composer, Arranger
04.21 Cross Days Original Sound Track LACA-5905 Composer, Arranger
05.28 Sound Drama Fate/Zero Soundtrack -update edition- Zero no Koukei HBMC-046 Arranger
08.11 Truth Of My Destiny / Ceui LACM-4734 Composer, Arranger
09.01 Katekyo Hitman REBORN! OP & ED Theme Songs Battle KESSEN CD-BOX PCCA-03260 Arranger
10.08 School Days Vocal Complete Album LACA-9188~9 Composer, Arranger
10.27 uni. Vocal Mini Album "Aijou Kakyoku" LACA-15069 Composer
10.27 Last Inferno / Ceui LACM-4748 Composer, Arranger
11.11 CIRCUS 10th Collect CIRCUS-0255~68 Composer, Arranger
12.22 The Legend of the Legendary Heroes Original Soundtrack LACA-9203~4 Composer, Arranger


04.27 CHOCOLATE SONGS LACA-15114 Composer, Arranger
04.28 Aiyoku no Eustia Opening Theme Maxi Single "Asphodelus" SCMN-005 Composer, Arranger
06.22 Gintama Best 2 [Limited Edition] SVWC-7781~2 Composer
08.26 Aiyoku no Eustia Original Sound Track AUG-8701~5 Composer, Arranger
11.09 Stardust Melodia / Ceui LACM-4875 Composer, Arranger
11.25 Aiyoku no Eustia -Original CharacterSong Series- EUSTIA SCMN-007 Composer, Arranger


01.25 Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK LACA-9227~8 Composer, Arranger
01.27 SUPER SHOT4 -Bishoujo Game Remix Collection- SHOT-007 Composer
06.20 Labyrinthus / Ceui LACA-15194 Composer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
08.08 Kaze no Naka no Primrose / Ceui LASM-4145 Composer, Arranger
08.24 Stray Sheep / Yumekai Biyori SCMN-012A Composer, Arranger
09.05 Irotoridori no Hikari Theme Songs Plus KDSD-00576 Arranger
09.26 Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate MUSIC SELECTION LASA-5142 Composer, Arranger
10.24 Aiyoku no Eustia Image Album: Traumerei ~Seeking Asphodelus~ MMCC-4332 Composer
12.26 Rhapsodia / Ceui [Limited Edition] LACA-15263 Composer, Arranger


01.23 Phantasmagoria / Shall We Dance LACM-14061 Composer, Arranger
01.25 a good librarian like a good shepherd BGM Arrange CD AUG-9201 Composer
01.25 Ashita e no Shiori / Dear Smile SCMN-013A Composer, Arranger
03.27 Imasugu Oniichan ni Imouto datte Iitai! Vocal Album LACA-15283 Composer, Arranger
03.29 a good librarian like a good shepherd Official Vocal Collection AUG-9101 Composer, Arranger
05.24 a good librarian like a good shepherd Original Soundtrack AUG-9103 Composer, Arranger
07.24 Souai Calendula / Ceui LACM-14114 Composer, Arranger
08.21 Links / Sachika Misawa [Limited Edition] 1000411977 Composer, Arranger
08.21 Links / Sachika Misawa 1000411979 Composer, Arranger
09.27 August Rekidai Vocal Piano Arrange Collection SPROUT AUGUST SCMN-015 Composer
09.27 Travelling August Recording Album ARTICLE AUGUST SCMN-016 Composer
11.20 Gabriel Code ~Eden e Michibuku Hikari no Gakufu~ / Ceui LACA-15345 Composer, Arranger


03.28 Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai -Dreaming Sheep- OP&ED Maxi Single SCMN-018 Composer, Arranger
07.25 AstralAir no Shiroki Towa Original Vocal Album: AstralAria FVG-ASTD2 Composer, Arranger
08.16 Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai -Dreaming Sheep- & ~Houkago Shippo Days~ Original Soundtrack AUG-9109 Composer, Arranger
10.31 On my Sheep / Mitsuki Nakae SCMN-019 Composer, Arranger
11.28 Aozora to Green Belt / Hagumi Nishizawa SCMN-020 Composer, Arranger
12.26 TV Animation a good librarian like a good shepherd Original Soundtrack SCMN-021 Composer, Arranger


02.12 Good Shepherd / Life,Like,Party! SCMN-022 Composer, Arranger
10.21 Light for Knight / Suzuko Mimori [Limited Edition] PCCG-01491 Composer, Arranger
10.21 Light for Knight / Suzuko Mimori PCCG-70273 Composer, Arranger
10.23 Travelling August 2015 Piano Arrange Collection "Primary Notes" SCMN-023 Composer
10.23 Travelling August 2015 Orchestra Concert Album "Flowery Notes" SCMN-024 Composer
12.16 Lance N' Masques OST PCCG-01502 Composer, Arranger


02.10 colorful / Miss Monochrome (CV: Yui Horie) KICM-3310 Composer
02.10 colorful / Miss Monochrome (CV: Yui Horie) [Limited Edition] KICM-93310 Composer
03.02 Ketsui no Tsubasa / Rin Akatsuki [Limited Edition] SRCL-8993~4 Arranger
03.02 Ketsui no Tsubasa / Rin Akatsuki SRCL-8995 Arranger
05.11 nowhere / Kano [Limited Edition] 1000598438 Arranger
05.11 nowhere / Kano 1000598439 Arranger
06.08 Luck & Logic CHARACTER SONG ALBUM SONGS & MELODY LACA-15567 Composer, Arranger
07.06 Walküre Attack! / Walküre VTCL-60428 Composer, Arranger
07.06 Walküre Attack! / Walküre [Limited Edition] VTZL-109 Composer, Arranger
07.27 THE IDOLM@STER SideM ST@RTING LINE-11 Altessimo LACM-14391 Composer, Arranger
07.27 Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle SPECIAL CD V MFXN-0041EX Composer, Arranger
07.29 Kimi to Yumemishi Original Soundtrack N/A Composer, Arranger
07.29 Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki OP Theme Maxi Single SCMN-025 Composer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
07.29 Mitsuki Nakae Theme Song & Piano Collection "STELLA" SCMN-026 Composer, Arranger
09.23 Sen no Hatou, Tsukisome no Kouki ED Theme Maxi Single SCMN-028 Composer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer
09.28 -INFINITE Selection- / Sachika Misawa 1000619690 Composer, Arranger
09.28 -INFINITE Selection- / Sachika Misawa [Artist Edition] 1000619693 Composer, Arranger
10.26 THE IDOLM@STER SideM ST@RTING LINE-14 F-LAGS LACM-14394 Composer, Arranger
10.28 AUGUST LIVE! 2016 Recording Album "Kenran Clarity" SCMN-029 Composer, Arranger
11.02 Atelier Firis Original Soundtrack KECH-8053~6 Recording Engineer
11.02 Atelier Firis Vocal Album KECH-8057 Recording Engineer
11.02 Future Strike / Yui Ogura KICM-1725 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
11.02 Future Strike / Yui Ogura [Limited Edition] KICM-91724 Arranger, Performer, Programmer
11.25 Aqours Original Song CD 3 BCXA-1172 Arranger


01.11 THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER FORWARD 02 BlueMoon Harmony LACA-15612 Composer, Arranger
01.11 Umamusume Pretty Derby STARTING GATE 02 LACA-15622 Composer
01.18 Wagamama MIRROR HEART / Ayaka Ohashi [Ayaka Edition] LACM-14562 Performer
01.18 Wagamama MIRROR HEART / Ayaka Ohashi [Aki Edition] LACM-14563 Performer
01.25 Umamusume Pretty Derby STARTING GATE 03 LACA-15623 Composer, Arranger
01.27 AstralAir no Shiroki Towa Finale -Shiroki Hoshi no Yume- Vocal Album Grand Finale N/A Composer, Arranger
02.08 Our sympathy / +α/Alfakyun. [Limited Edition] TKCA-74472 Composer, Arranger
02.08 Our sympathy / +α/Alfakyun. TKCA-74473 Composer, Arranger
02.22 illuminate / Minami LACM-14573 Arranger
02.22 illuminate / Minami [Limited Edition] LACM-34573 Arranger
02.24 Aqours Original Song CD 6 BCXA-1175 Composer, Arranger
04.26 Gintama Best 2 SVWC-70263 Composer

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