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Catalog Number Gallery TitleCount
AVCA-74523Wake Up, Girls! Character song series Minami Katayama1
AVCA-74522Wake Up, Girls! Character song series Miyu Okamoto1
AVCA-74525Wake Up, Girls! Character song series Nanami Hisami1
AVCA-74527Wake Up, Girls! Character song series Yoshino Nanase1
AVXA-74104BWake Up, Girls! Drama CD vol.11
AVXA-74105BWake Up, Girls! Drama CD vol.21
AVXA-74106BWake Up, Girls! Drama CD vol.33
AVXA-74107BWake Up, Girls! Drama CD vol.42
AVXA-74108BWake Up, Girls! Drama CD vol.52
EYXA-10556BWake Up, Girls! Seishun no Kage Bonus CD1
EYX1-10558B~CWake Up, Girls! Seishun no Kage Bonus CD & Drama CD1
AVXA-74103BWake Up, Girls! Vol.1 Bonus CD3
PCCA-04405Wake We Up / HOWL BE QUIET1
PCCA-04404Wake We Up / HOWL BE QUIET1
PCCA-04406 This album is a reprintWake We Up / HOWL BE QUIET [DAYS Edition]1
Waking Mars1
TECD-26436Waku Puyo Dungeon Ketteiban Original Soundtrack3
PCCB-00215Waku Waku 715
Waku Waku Jintai Tankentai Born Freaks1
WSCA-00018Wakusei Koukitai Little Cats ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK2
OTPM-0001Wakusei Kouro1
ESCL-3459walk no yakusoku / nangi5
GNBA-797102Walkin' / Ayumu Nishizawa starring Mikako Takahashi2
walking around aimlessly1
Walkman A-Series Ryu ga Gotoku 10th Anniversary Edition1

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