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Catalog Number Gallery TitleCount
You Cheng Huan Jian Lu Original Soundtrack "Qian Que Huan Miao"4
TPIH005You Have Chosen... Poorly1
AVCA-29968You May Dream / LISP1
VTCL-35070You Shall Not Die / May'n5
You Shoot, I Move2
60025-7You'll Be in My Heart / Phil Collins1
0100735DNY This album is a reprintYou'll Be in My Heart / Phil Collins3
DGCD-004You'll be my Star1
MVDH-9019You're my only...... ~Shenmue's Whisper~3
TOCT-4401You're Not Alone5
VTCL-60027You're Under Arrest Full Throttle Insert Song BEST: Zenkai GO! GO!1
VTCL-60015You're Under Arrest Full Throttle Original Soundtrack 11
VTCL-60110~3You're Under Arrest Full Throttle RECALL BGM SUPER COLLECTION1
VTCL-60031~5You're Under Arrest Full Throttle SONG BEST2
VTZL-3 This album is a reprintYou're Under Arrest Full Throttle SONG BEST2
VIZL-20You're Under Arrest Original Soundtrack 1 1/29
VIDL-30464You're Under Arrest Playstation Ending Theme "GET A CHANCE"2
VIDL-30462You're Under Arrest Playstation Opening Theme "Let's go START"2
VICL-5267You're Under Arrest Tokyo Policewoman Duo ONLY ONE1
AK-11008You're Under Arrest! - Bande originale du dessin animé2
VICL-60789~90YOU'RE UNDER ARREST: Theme Song Full Collection17
KSCL-1045~6You-You-You / POLYSICS1
KSCL-1047You-You-You / POLYSICS1
CO1168CD06~7Youfu "Renkaryouran"10
LCMC-003Yougaku no Utage6
Youjou Satori ~ 3 Years Old1
Youjuu Kikouhei WerDragon PC-8801 Remastered Soundtracks1

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