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Catalog Number Gallery TitleCount
COCX-37398YAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1981-II "Space Battleship Yamato III BGM Collection PART1"1
COCX-37399YAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1981-III "Space Battleship Yamato III BGM Collection PART2"1
COCX-37400 This album is a reprintYAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1982-II "Mellow Guitar Yamato"1
COCX-37402 This album is a reprintYAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1982-IV "Romantic Violin Yamato"1
COCX-37408YAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1982-V "DIGITAL TRIP Space Cruiser Yamato Synthesizer Fantasy"1
COCX-37404YAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1983-I "Final Yamato Music Collection Part 1"1
COCX-37405YAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1983-II "Final Yamato Music Collection Part 2"1
COCX-37406YAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1983-III "Final Yamato Music Collection Part 3"1
COCX-37407YAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1983-IV "Final Yamato BGM Collection"1
COCX-37409YAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1983-V "DIGITAL TRIP Final Yamato Synthesizer Fantasy"1
COCX-37410YAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1984-I "Grand Symphony Yamato"17
COCX-37411~2 This album is a reprintYAMATO SOUND ALMANAC 1996-I "Sound Fantasia Space Battleship Yamato"1
KICA-221Yamato Takeru: Makuu no Shippuuji1
KICA-205Yamato Takeru: Makuu Senjin Ibun12
COCX-33060Yamato The Best II14
MR-3162YAMATO: I adore the eternity of LOVE1
ESCL-3734~5Yamerarenai Tomarenai / High High High1
ESCL-3736Yamerarenai Tomarenai / High High High1
ESCL-3737Yamerarenai Tomarenai / High High High1
TOKO-0001Yami Fukaki Matsuri ~Darkness Illusion~1
Yami no Ketsuzoku Kanketsu Hen X68000 Soundtracks1
SDCD-0015Yami no Ketsuzoku THE PREDESTINED HOMICIDES Arrange Album2
Yami no Ketsuzoku X68000 Soundtracks1
SNCD-0001Yami no Ketsuzoku ~Tribute Album~ Side A2
MESSE-099Yami no Koe III ~Gobousanyokumahoujin~ Full Complete Soundtrack & Drama1
CQ-7057Yami no Teiou Kyuuketsuki Dracula3
ROOT-0008Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Image Sound Track2
AVCA-14840Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Music Book14

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