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Jul 19

A 10-Year Anniversary

posted by Secret Squirrel Aug 2, 2016 12:54 PM (23 comments)
So, this almost slipped by, but we just had a very important anniversary! On July 31, 2006, I submitted our very first entry, which was the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack.

You may notice that our lowest album entry has ID number 3, so it technically wasn't the first. Entries 1 and 2 were test submissions, something along the lines of title: "Test", catalog number: "Test", and we deleted those once things were working. Kind of amazing that the third submission was good enough to keep.

We've come a long way in 10 years, and our focus has broadened, but this entry represents everything that got us into this hobby. (On a personal note, I listened to the PC version of the FF7 soundtrack on continuous loop while I wrote my PhD dissertation, so I am pleased that it is our first.) Of course, we didn't launch as VGMdb audio until more than a year after that, but it is still our earliest footprint apart from a Word document I wrote in June 2005.

For reaching this this point, I'd like to thank fellow admins Gigablah and Miles, Mercarios (for allowing us to get started as Gamingforce Audio), other site owners such as Chudah and Mik who pioneered some of the concepts that were used here on VGMdb, all of our devoted staff former and present, and all of the editors who perform the bulk of the submission and original research here, and really anyone else that I have forgotten. You guys are amazing. Thanks for 10 years, and there are many more to come.

New Forum for Tutorials

posted by Secret Squirrel Mar 24, 2012 06:37 AM (4 comments)
I've created a new sub-forum to house the various submission tutorials and guides that were previously spread around the forum. I've already moved the ones I could find, so please let me know if I missed any. In time, we hope to expand these. If anyone wants to help write a new tutorial, we would be very grateful. I think there are still some mechanics here that are confusing to new users.

SOPA, PIPA, and Amazon links

posted by Gigablah Jan 18, 2012 01:53 AM (6 comments)
Some of you may have noticed that all our Amazon product links have been hidden since early December, although you could still create or edit them. This is actually directly related to a brief downtime we had on December 1st. What transpired was that Amazon's (presumably automated) systems mistook our affiliate links as "phishing collection points" and basically tried to shut our whole site down.

First, their "brand protection" partner, MarkMonitor, sent an email to our hosting provider ServInt, who then forwarded it to us. We clarified that it was a false positive and got in touch directly with MarkMonitor. Their representative confirmed over the phone that it was indeed a mistake, and that they had rejected the service request from Amazon.

But our site still went down for a few hours (possibly more for some visitors) after our DNS provider (Dyn) suspended our zone -- without prior notice -- after receiving an abuse ticket. In the end we moved our DNS hosting to another provider. A customer service officer from Amazon eventually responded to my queries, apologizing for the frustration and claiming that there was no record of phishing detected on our Amazon Associates account. Dyn took five days to reinstate our account.

The Amazon links will return once I make some technical changes (redirecting back to the album page if the links were accessed directly, for instance). But hopefully my account of this incident will help convince some people about the dangers of SOPA/PIPA legislation -- namely the removal of due process, which was the case when Dyn suspended our service indiscriminately. Imagine what it'll be like if they were legally required to do so, at the mercy of overzealous copyright enforcers with the very real possibility of false positives! At the same time I must commend our provider ServInt, not just for standing by a customer, but also for acting as a major voice in the campaign for a free Internet.

VGMdb is Edge Magazine's Website of the Month in issue E224 (Feb. 2011)

posted by Secret Squirrel Feb 21, 2011 07:43 AM (2 comments)
VGMdb has been chosen as February's "Website of the Month" in the current issue of Edge Magazine, a British magazine that covers gaming. This is the first time (to our knowledge) that we've been mentioned in a real print publication, so it is a humbling experience. Our appreciation goes out to all of you who have helped make us what we are.

More info (and a pic) here:

Submission Quality - Sourcing Your Edits

posted by Secret Squirrel Dec 14, 2010 01:29 PM (11 comments)
We're implementing a change in the submission policy in order to increase the quality of new submissions. This will also make it easier for our staff to understand the edits so that they can intelligently accept or reject them in the queue. We have a great community here, and we appreciate all of the work that you have done, gathering and researching information for some pretty obscure albums. To keep the accuracy and quality of this information as high as we can, we'd like to ask you to take the time to follow one more step:

When you submit an edit to any field on an album or artist page, please use the discussion thread to provide a rationale for your edits.

Here are a few guidelines to help with this:
  • Sources
  • For many albums, the official site is the most useful source.
  • Album scans are also great sources.
  • Be careful with other user-submitted sites like Wikipedia or IMDB. They are probably fine for some basic information like game titles and release dates, but they are not very reliable for artist credits.
  • Sites like Joshinweb, Anison Generation are good sources for vocal composition credits.

  • Please don't add artists to the artist fields (Composer, Arranger, Performer, Lyricist) without posting a source.
  • When there are multiple artists, please show which tracks they worked on in the notes.
  • All speculation and guesswork should stay in the discussion thread.
  • Staff rolls are good sources, but keep in mind that soundtrack releases are not always complete.
  • Composer identification by "ear" is not an eligible source. The only exceptions are for arranged tracks, where you can listen to recognize the original source, and medley tracks where you can identify the tracks played.
  • Strangely, sometimes the game media is "tagged" with composition credits, and this info is valid. However, tags found in music you downloaded from some unauthorized site aren't a valid source.
  • Show your work. If you pieced together the credits from 10 different games on an arranged album, don't just put those names in the artist fields. Show how the credits break down for each track.

  • If you change a translation, please post a reason for the change. Minor cosmetic edits (to match the tracklist in the booklet) don't need to be sourced.

    Japanese Names
  • If you can't find a source that confirms a reading for an artist name, then leave it in Kanji.
  • Don't use romanizations from a Kanji Translator for artist names.
  • Romanizations from Anison Generations seem problematic, and might be auto-generated, so they also shouldn't be used.

  • Sometimes an auction is all we've got for a rare album. We've allowed these in the past, but please link to the auction, and if possible, copy the text into the post.

    New Submissions
  • Quality over quantity. One good entry is better than 100 incomplete entries.
Presently there isn't anything to force submitters to follow these guidelines, and I don't want there to be, so please remember to provide justification for any edits. Submissions can be rejected if no supporting information is presented. I think the main thing to take away from this is this: when an edit is made, we all need to know why the new information is correct, and why the old information is wrong. We need the opportunity to discuss changes too.

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