Most Commonly Collected Albums
Rank Album Name # Collections
20941Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai -Dreaming Sheep- OP&ED Maxi Single2
20942Tokimeki Memorial disc collection Diarys No.21 Saki Nijino Diary2
20943Touhou Oneesama ~ Like your fascination sisters2
20944DATE A LIVE / sweet ARMS [Limited Edition]2
20945Re:birth [Limited Edition]2
20946Are you Alice? O.S.T - Rock a bye.2
20947Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! Original Soundtrack vol.12
20948Snow Rain ~Unison-trilogy~2
20949Tokimeki Memorial disc collection Date No.28 Nozomi Kiyokawa Date ~Central Park~2
20950Hatsukoi yohou. Hatsukoi zensen. Original Soundtrack2
20951Is He Really In The Mood To Cooperate?2
20952FAUST 19932
20953Soshi Hosoi Works -Vocalists-2
20954EVERGRACE Special Music Disc2
20955MAXON / JAM Project2
20956RONDO LEAFLET original soundtrack ~ OLD ROSE GARDEN2
20957Bomberman Theme Song - Mr.B·Bee2
20958Chikai / Do As Infinity (Do As Infinity Version)2
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