Most Commonly Collected Albums
Rank Album Name # Collections
21201ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu he~ Drama CD VOL.12
21202Outside of Melancholy / fhána2
21203Rondo / ON/OFF [Limited Edition]2
21204Bakuen Campus Guardress2
21205Incursion Original Game Soundtrack2
21206Battle Field2
21207FAUST 19932
21208Blue Snow / Trident2
21210Miageta Sora ni Ochiteiku Original Sound Track2
21211DJCD THE IDOLM@STER Radio For You! Vol.22
21212Imasugu Oniichan ni Imouto datte Iitai! Vocal Album2
21213Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni. Original Sound Track Complete Recording Edition2
21214Start it right away / Hyadain2
21215signal / Kanon Wakeshima2
21216Memories Off Special Bgm Collection Box - KID BGM COLLECTION vol.32
21217Houkago Renai Club Original Soundtrack2
21218Re:birth [Limited Edition]2
21219Resolution / Romantic Mode2
21220Heart Realize / Tia [Limited Edition]2
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