Most Commonly Collected Albums
Rank Album Name # Collections
3041Dione Aggregation16
3042SOULCALIBUR II original soundtrack16
3043GROUND ZERO ~TOHO ROCK!! 2007~16
3044Newtype Destroyer16
3045Falcom Special Box '9316
3046Shin Sangokumusou Kyuukyoku Onban16
3047Ichiban no Takaramono ~Yui final ver.~ / Girls Dead Monster starring LiSA [Limited Edition]16
3048LocoRoco's Song 2 -LocoRoco 2 Original Soundtrack-16
3049SEGA Rally 2006 Original Sound Track16
3050The Sound of Tekken16
3051The Scythian Steppes: Seven #Sworcery Songs Localized for Japan16
3052From The Bottom Of The Heart16
3053The Swapper Original Soundtrack16
3054Symphonic Suite Dragon Quest X: Mezameshi Itsutsu no Shuzoku16
3055Of Orcs and Men Original Game Soundtrack16
3056Sengoku BASARA X Original Soundtrack16
3057Perfect Collection Ys Heaven's Sanctuary 1 - J.D.K. Band Edition16
3059Shuttle Scuttle OST16
3060Cure SQ16
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