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I'd like to use this cddb endpoint with XLD. It doesn't work! The reason it doesn't work is that XLD uses libcddb. libcddb makes a lot of assumptions that are not true when using VGMdb. Here are some of those assumptions, in the order I encountered them:
  • The category will be letters only
  • The category will be one of "data", "folk", "jazz", "misc", "rock", "country", blues", "newage", "reggae", "classical", "soundtrack", or "invalid". And maybe not "invalid".
  • The successful result of a "cddb read" command will include the disc revision number.

After fixing libcddb to not do these things, I was able to use it to query and read one CD from VGMdb.

Because the libcddb project seems dead and I don't want to be too much of a bother, I will be making a cddb server that returns libcddb-friendly results based on results found in VGMdb.
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