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Not a sample spot, but something I think would be of great interest to the people in this thread.

My research on this subject has repeatedly led me to Crypton. While they are best known today for their involvement with the popular Vocaloid software, they were founded in 1995 to import sample CDs from the west. As far as I can tell, they were basically the only dedicated dealer in Japan at the time. And wouldn't you know it, their website is archived in the Wayback Machine. Most developers probably ordered at least some of their sample libraries through them. You really could not ask for a better catalog than this. They even offer a number of foley/sound effects CDs that were doubtless used in games and other Japanese media, as well. If you're stuck for what to investigate if you want to find game samples from the mid to late 90's, look no further.

I noticed that AMG products were conspicuously absent from their catalog. Some developers like SEGA seem to have gone out of their way to acquire libraries like Skip To My Loops, or the earlier Polestar Magnetics CDs. In other words, it's not exhaustive, but I can't think of a better place to start (or continue). More recent archives of their website obviously have newer products, but the shift to an integrated searchable database makes it difficult, if not impossible, to navigate.

Also, don't suppose anyone could help me source some of the samples from Rage Racer? I recognize a lot of them from other games, or know the original source, but for the life of me, I can't find the library they were actually sampled from. If anyone knows the source of "our crew" or Nixon's Apollo 11 phone call from Industria, or the rap or "you are engaged in an unauthorized procedure" from Mathemabeat, that'd be super spiffy. The rap also appears in Vatlva (and many other places), the THX 1138 vocal sample is also in Einhander.

e: Found most of them on Zero-G's Interface Dance!

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