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Catalog Number N/A [Extra Credits]
Release Date Jun 26, 2020
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
Organizations Super Marcato Bros. / / (Publisher), Bandcamp / / (Retailer)
Composed by Karl Brueggemann
Arranged by Karl Brueggemann
Performed by Karl Brueggemann, Aaron Hedenstrom, Joseffa Brueggemann, Andrew McManimon, Will Brueggemann
Produced by Karl Brueggemann
Recorded by Karl Brueggemann
Mixed by
Mastered by


Disc 1

01 The Theme of Downforce 2:33
02 Santa Ana Bay 1:53
03 Justine's Theme 1:57
04 Crescent Canyon Highway 2:40
05 Satin City 3:16
06 Todd's Auto Shop 2:44
07 Breakneck Quarry 3:18
08 Seaside Skyline 3:34
09 Ranking 2:05
10 Rushridge Tunnel 3:02
11 Xenith Centrum 3:19
12 Renard Wilde's Theme 1:51
13 Molten Mile 2:37
14 Reunion with Justine 1:48
15 Arctic Mountain Meltdown 3:19
16 Redline 3:25
17 A Force to be Reckoned With 3:02
Disc length 46:23


"Ryan Silver is a young, confident and adept racer from the beautiful and sunny Santa Ana Bay. A fierce, cross-country Grand Prix starts in his home town, and takes him to many extraordinary and dangerous locales. Does he have what it takes to defeat his rival Renard Wilde? With the support of his girlfriend Justine, and the help of his kooky friend and mechanic Todd, he may have a fighting chance. So buckle up, keep that foot on the gas, and enjoy the view!

Downforce is a concept album that brings you to the thrilling world of a Racing Game. This album brings flavors of jazz fusion, funk, latin and rock in its own unique concoction. Inspired by the music of racing game composers such as Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Kenta Nagata, Richard Jacques, Hiroshi Kawaguchi and more. This album contains 100% real performance, and features some incredibly talented special guests as well. Enjoy this energetic and imaginative ride!"


Ideas and conceptualization by Carlos Leon-Roman & Karl Brueggemann

All music composed, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by Karl Brueggemann


Karl Brueggemann - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Rhodes, Piano, Organ, Synth
Aaron Hedenstrom - Tenor Sax (tracks 1, 8, 11)
Joseffa Brueggemann - Trumpet (tracks 1, 5, 8)
Andrew McManimon - Guitar Solos (tracks 5, 10, 16)
Will Brueggemann - Vocals (track 17)

Artwork by Carlos Leon-Roman

Downforce logo designed by Carlos Leon-Roman
Polished by Warren Iles

Narrative written by Karl Brueggemann

Special thanks to Joseffa Brueggemann and Will Brueggemann

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