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Catalog Number TYO-0005
Barcode 4589596900025
Release Date Oct 19, 2016
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 2500 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal, Original Work
DistributorVillage Again Association Co.,Ltd. / /
Phonographic CopyrightTokyo Recordings / /
MarketerVillage Again Association Co.,Ltd. / /


Written by / Capeson, Youki Kojima / , OBKR, Shinta Sakamoto, Yaffle, Rob Harvey, Dangerfield, Matt Hales
Composer / Youki Kojima / *, OBKR*, Shinta Sakamoto*, Yaffle*, Rob Harvey*, Dangerfield*, Matt Hales*, Capeson*
Lyricist / Capeson*, OBKR*, Rob Harvey*, Dangerfield*, Matt Hales*
Vocal / Capeson, Matt Hales
Backing Vocal / Capeson, Yaffle, OBKR, Shinta Sakamoto, Matt Hales
Electric Guitar / Capeson, Yaffle, Takuya Ohta, Satoru Suzuki
Acoustic Guitar / Capeson, Yaffle
Beatboxing / Capeson
Keyboard / Yaffle
Instrument / Yaffle
Bassoon / Yaffle
Programming / Yaffle, Shinta Sakamoto, Matt Hales
Piano / Shinta Sakamoto
Glockenspiel / Matt Hales
Drums / CE
Bass Guitar / Naoki Kobayashi /
Violin / Tomohiro Ishii, Mayuka Yamaguchi
Trombone / Tomohisa Ishikawa /
Bass Trombone / Tomohisa Ishikawa / , Hiroyuki Aochi /
Baritone Saxophone / Ayana Oda /
Mastering / Koji Maeda
Mixing / D.O.I, Yaffle
Recording / Yaffle, Naoki Iwata / , Tokuya Yokohata /
Recording Assistant / Junya Nakabayashi /
Producer / Yaffle, OBKR, Matt Hales, Shinta Sakamoto
A&R / Daisuke Matsuki (Fujipacific Music)
Overseas Coordination / Keiji Miura (Fujipacific Music)
Executive Producer / Masahiro Yoshida / (Fujipacific Music), Youki Kojima / (Tokyo Recordings)
Art Direction / TAKAYA OHTA
Creative Producer / OBKR
Photographer / Chris Mollison
Recorded at / aLive Recording Studio, Aoyama Basement
Mixed at / Daimonion Recording, Aoyama Basement
Mastered at / Burnie Grundman Mastering Studio


Disc 1

01 Walk Away 3:41
02 Leave You Alone 5:34
03 The Video, It's Not That Old 0:41
04 A Tear Into The River 3:20
05 Believe My Eyes 5:51
06 Back In The Day 2:44
07 Bow And Arrow 4:46
08 Sunshine 3:33
09 Track 4, Noisy But 0:13
10 Steersman 4:42
11 Cry Like A Bird 3:31
12 Latent 4:19
13 The Ending 4:27
Disc length 47:22



Written by Capeson, Youki Kojima
(Lyrics by Capeson / Composed by Youki Kojima)

(Composed by Yaffle)

Written by Capeson, OBKR, Shinta Sakamoto, Yaffle
(Lyrics by Capeson, OBKR / Composed by OBKR, Shinta Sakamoto)

Written by OBKR, Yaffle
(Lyrics by OBKR / Composed by Yaffle)

Written by Rob Harvey and Dangerfield
(Lyrics & Composed by Rob Harvey and Dangerfield)

Written by Capeson, Yaffle and Matt Hales
(Lyrics by Capeson, Matt Hales / Composed by Yaffle, Matt Hales)

(Composed by Yaffle)

Written by Capeson, Yaffle
(Lyrics by Capeson / Composed by Yaffle)

Written by Capeson, Shinta Sakamoto
(Lyrics & Composed by Capeson)

Production Team

PRODUCER: Yaffle, OBKR, Matt Hales (#8), Shinta Sakamoto (#12)
A&R: Daisuke Matsuki (Fujipacific Music)
Overseas Coordination: Keiji Miura (Fujipacific Music)
Executive Producer: Masahiro Yoshida (Fujipacific Music), Youki Kojima (Tokyo Recordings)

Vocal, Backing Vocal, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Beatboxing (#12): Capeson
Backing Vocal, Keyboard, Instrument, Bassoon, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Programming: Yaffle
Backing Vocal: OBKR
Backing Vocal, Piano (#2,12), Programming (#12): Shinta Sakamoto
Vocal, Backing Vocal, Glockenspiel, Programming (#8): Matt Hales
Drums: CE
Bass Guitar: Naoki Kobayashi
Electric Guitar (#4,7,11): Takuya Ohta
Electric Guitar (#1,2,6,12): Satoru Suzuki
Violin: Tomohiro Ishii, Mayuka Yamaguchi
Trombone, Bass Trombone: Tomohisa Ishikawa
Bass Trombone: Hiroyuki Aochi
Bariton Saxophone: Ayana Oda

Mastering: Koji Maeda
Mixing (#5): D.O.I
Mixing (other tracks), Recording: Yaffle
Recording: Naoki Iwata, Tokuya Yokohata
Recording Assistant: Junya Nakabayashi

Art Direction & Design: TAKAYA OHTA
Creative Producer: OBKR
Photographer: Chris Mollison

Recorded at aLive Recording Studio, Aoyama Basement
Mixed at Daimonion Recording (#5), Aoyama Basement
Mastered at Burnie Grundman Mastering Studio

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