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In The Dark

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 01, 2007
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Free
Media Format 2 Digital
Classification Original Work
OrganizationsBeatdrop Music Productions


Composer / Beatdrop
Arranger / Ransom Rath, Beatdrop
Performer / Chris Serani, Beatdrop
Lyricist / Beatdrop


Disc 1

01 Lights Out 2:07
02 Mantra 4:59
03 Smoke 6:21
04 Unrest (feat. Chris Serani) 4:29
05 Freefall 7:06
06 Energy Burst 5:52
07 Afterburner 4:35
08 Sensation of Space 7:30
09 Trip The Breaker 4:59
10 Epiphany 4:40
11 Phase 1 6:11
12 Tinderbox 4:34
13 Here Stand We Who Defy Gravity 4:21
14 Azure 4:28
15 Until Forever 4:49
Disc length 77:01
Disc 2

01 Guilty 3:20
02 Heterodyne Principle 4:52
03 Together / Set To Flame / Hyperion 6:47
04 I Dream of Killing 3:18
05 crush&ampEXPAND 3:56
06 Mantra (Stompin Edit) 5:11
07 Yume no Kage 5:57
08 Trip The Breaker (Broken Mix) 4:12
09 Eternalizer 3:39
10 Trigger Finger 4:46
11 Style Free 5:55
12 Trip The Breaker 4:12
13 When Last Alone 4:34
14 Decimation By Decibels 2:55
Disc length 63:34

  Total tracks 29   Total length 2:20:35


Track 1-04 ("Unrest") vocals performed by Chris Serani

Track 1-15 ("Until Forever") licensed by Konami for Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 (and later, Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2)

Track 2-12 ("Trip The Breaker") remixed by Ransom Rath

Inspirational and motivational thanks to:

Ferry Corsten, Infected Mushroom, KMFDM, Armin van Buuren, Nine Inch Nails, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Idol, Disturbed, Daft Punk, VNV Nation, BT, Hybrid, Wave Theory, Concord Dawn, High Contrast, L.E.D., Adam Freeland, Shinichi Osawa, TaQ, Above & Beyond, Goldfrapp, General MIDI, Ils, Mauro Picotto, Röyksopp, Overseer, Plump DJs, Probspot, Snake River Conspiracy, Takkyu Ishino, Kidney Thieves, tefnek, Venus Hum, Flesh Field, Way Out West, Blondie, Benassi Bros., The Avalanches, Ernest Saint Laurent, Yuzo Koshiro, Apoptygma Berzerk, Celldweller, Digital Talk, Juno Reactor, Alex Gold, Faithless, Ace of Base, Hardfloor, Junkie XL, m-flo, Lemon Jelly, Mindless Self Indulgence, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Richard Vission, Square/Enix and the team behind Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Takashi Miike, Park-Chan Wook, Image-Line Software (, Roland Corporation ( , Tweakbench (, id Software, Valve, Konami, Monolith Productions, green tea, Camel Light cigarettes, Suicide Girls, sushi, Morse code, Taco Bell, Coca-Cola, Mark Z. Danielewski for his fantastic book 'House of Leaves,' the United States Navy (hooyah!), the English language, Japan, the United States of America, humanity, and the universe.

On a much more personal note, enormous thanks to:

my parents for always being there to bail me out of whatever bullshit I buried myself in and for always supporting my music - I really cannot thank you enough; my brother, David, for caring as much as he does about everything, for being my best friend, and for his musical openmindedness; Christina for being one of the most important things to ever happen in my life, this album would never have been complete without you - take care; Chad for becoming the first lifelong friend I've ever had and being the cool bastard that you are, you're the epitome of greatness; John for being a complete psycho and helping fuel my own insanity; Kevin for the same reason as John; Lexx, you were one of the first real-life inspirations I've had, and a major proponent in me continuing to attempt to improve my music, and you're also the most incredible artist I've had the privilige of knowing; Flik for his support, encouragement, musical abilities, and friendship - here's to many years of friendship to come; Mr. Getman for being one of the fucking coolest human beings I've ever met and for allowing me to idolize him - I promise it won't turn sexual; Royal - you've served as a tremendous help to me, both musicially and personally.  You're like a wise, old sage (when you're not projectile vomiting), and I'm so glad I met you; Sammy D. for helping me maintain my sanity (what's left of it) at Corry, and for turning me on to so many good industrial acts; David Lloyd for being one of the largest reasons I have as many fans as I do; Tyler "RedShadow" Schulkers for being my absolute hugest fan (seriously, his knowledge of my music probably surpasses even my own) and for always pimping it to the internet; Jeremy "Jem" Lim for always letting me remix your melodies and for being one of the few people who's always asked the right questions in regards to production - your friendship has helped me to keep doing what I've been doing; Richter also for his continuing support and for allowing me to mooch his server space for my own personal uses - couldn't have made it this far without you; Alex "A_Rival" Esquivel for always being a major reason that I always stuck with it and strived for excellence - you blow my fucking mind.  Thank you to all of my friends and fans - none of this would have been possible without you.

It's strange how you're never really able to understand the choices you have to make and the decisions you have to come to until you're thrust into the situations that create them.

I've always thought that creating an album never simply happens.  It has to be a conscious decision.  Throwing together a bunch of tracks that total up to an hour and calling it an album is haphazard at best.  It may in fact be an album, but it won't have the cohesive feeling -- the feeling of perfection -- that something that was planned through and through would have.  Something I've noticed about myself is that I write best when I focus on a theme.  Thematic.  Of, relating to, or being a theme.  Might just be one of my favorite words.  When I started working on this album, I was in a very dark place.  Depression, loneliness, and dissatisfaction with my life were common place in every passing hour of every passing day.  Some say that music is an outlet for the soul and mind.  It's a language that everyone can understand.  It transcends all societal boundaries and touches you somewhere in a way that can't be put into words.  You feel it.  No, that's not right.  You SENSE it.  It reaches into your biology and takes ahold of each of the five senses you were given.  I suppose it even goes beyond that, since it's difficult to say that animals comprehend music like we do.  It's expression in its keenest and purest form.  As I began to write song after song, starting with "Guilty," a song that has since been cut from the final tracklist, my depression, loneliness, and dissatisfaction went away and my understanding of what I was truly feeling and expressing became more whole: darkness.

Darkness is an interesting thing, really.  It's nothing more than the absence of light.  It's commonly represented in paintings and in our own minds by the color black, which in and of itself is comprised of pigments which will not reflect light.  Half of the globe is shrouded in it at any given time.  It blinds us.  Confuses us.  Even frightens us.  We use it to describe evil.  However, from what I've seen, it's not the darkness that we need to be afraid of.  What we should really fear is that which comes out in the darkness.  And usually, there's nothing to stop that same faceless terror from showing itself in the light.  It can also be said that darkness helps to make a blinding spotlight out of even the dimmest glimmer of light.  That's where this album truly finds itself and myself.  As an aside, a number of these songs are emerging from the darkness of my archive where they were nearly doomed to spend eternity in an unfinished state.  This project gave me a reason to revitalize them and finish them with my new goal in mind.  While some may view the title "In The Darkness" as being negative or depictive of some truly disturbed side of me, it isn't.  In the 11 months that I spent working on this album, I learned a lot about myself, human nature, perception, light, and darkness.

So as the first track begins, dim your lights--if you can--and immerse yourself in the dark...

-Lights Out-

The lights are fading.  Definition, telling you what you're seeing, is blurring.  And as the final embers burn out, one of your five senses is stolen away.  They say that when you lose one, such as sight, your other senses become naturally sharpened to make up for it.  Most of my best work has been done in absolute dark, with only the steady glow of my computer monitor to tell me where my open energy drink is sitting and losing its carbonation.  Started out as an intro for an old album that never made it anywhere for lack of concept, so I picked it up and revitalized it to serve as an intro for this album.  It fit so well, after all.


There's a section in Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves that talks about one of the characters reciting a mantra about fear as the darkness slowly dissolves his sanity, and it made me start to think about the idea of having a mantra.  I started doing a bit of research on the internet, but it didn't really help my concept out at all.  It did, however, lead me to wonder what my mantra would be like.  Video games, electronic music, Japan, and all sorts of other geeky shit.  Put it all together and what do you get?


Another one that was started quite some time ago and only finished just for this album.  The original version was dull, to put it lightly, but it still had what seems to matter most with my creativity: concept.  I had already started up this dual bassline thing, sequencing it to morph and twist around bit by bit like a whisp of smoke, so what I did to it for this album was overhaul the production value and compose another four minutes of material on top of what I already had.  The reason smoke is so significant to this album is because it has the curious ability to be invisible even in the light.  I think sometimes we all just wish we could disappear without the aid of shadows...


There really is nothing quite like falling in love with someone who's hopelessly infatuated with someone else who's only going to treat them like shit.  Seems to happen to me all the time.  I'd been listening to Röyksopp's second album (which I adore fanatically) a lot around this time, and I felt inspired to take my emotions and do something similar.  Wrote the lyrics up, but never got around to recording vocals because I didn't trust my cheap computer microphone to give me quality results.  Passed the lyrics off to my good friend Chris and he hooked me up.  Hours of programming and processing the vocals alone passed, and here's how it ended up.  Wrote the primary melody around the same time as I started on "Smoke," so this is another one that's been in the works since beyond the original scope of this album.


There's a line in the film adaptation of 'Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events' that mentions the feeling you get when you're climbing your staircase in the dark and you think there's one more step left than there really is, and for a moment your foot falls through the air and your stomach twists as your mind rushes to grasp what's going on.  That moment provides you with an inkling of a feeling of what it might be like to plummet from the heavens.  Consider this to be the aural version of that very same feeling.

-Energy Burst-

Late on a Saturday night in Florida, I finally overcame my hesitation to watch 'Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.'  Some time later, I emerged from my room to find a barracks courtyard completely deserted at an hour that nary a soul would be awake.  But while they slumbered, I was completely fuckin' pumped.  I smoked a cigarette in the cool night air to calm myself a bit, and then returned to my room to make this song.  At a time when I should have been extremely tired, I wasn't.  By the time I finished, the sun was high overhead.  A lot can be said about something that gives me enough inspiration and motivation to sit down and write an entire song from start to finish without stopping.  It's hard not to act when every sound and transition of a track is pounding in your skull.


Just about any Navy pilot would probably tell you that the scariest thing about flying a jet is taking off and landing in the dark.  To launch a 40,000 pound aircraft, an aircraft carrier's catapult fires off at over 250 feet per second, subjecting the pilot to G-forces that make his internal organs feel like they weigh three times as much as they normally do.  The flightdeck of an aircraft carrier is pitch black at night.  I've been told that you can't even see your hand in front of your face.  What a sight it would be to watch the the ultrabright flames of a jet's afterburners exploding across a football field's distance in just over a second in such conditions.

-Sensation of Space-

Chapter 10 in 'House of Leaves' briefly touches on what's referred to as a sensation of space.  That is, the mind's ability to perceive space and surroundings.  When you're little, things seem so much larger.  The same can be said about darkness.  Walk into a familiar room in the dark and try to find your way around.  You may have a vague idea of where everything is and where your hands should be reaching out to avoid bumping into things, but the confusion is still there.  Perform the same act in a room which you've never entered.  The feeling can be... quite claustrophobic...

-Trip The Breaker-

A circuit breaker is a switchbox which prevents enormous surges of power from shorting electrical wiring and devices.  This can commonly be seen in action during a thunderstorm.  A lightning strike channels through to the circuit breaker, which blows a switch open on a circuit to prevent damage to anything just beyond that switch.  The noticeable effect: your lights go out.  In my experience, at least some portion of the human brain functions in the same capacity.


A moment of enlightenment.  It's utterly refreshing to have all the information come together and click mentally.  As previously mentioned, darkness is synonymous with confusion, and no one wants to be... "left in the dark."

-Phase 1-

Purely a concept track.  It's hard to forget.  You train a crew of astronauts to embark on a mission of space exploration, performing tasks to take us all one step closer to the next ultimate goal.  Enough is never enough.  Countdown.  5.  4.  3.  2.  1.  Something is wrong.  Readings from the instruments aren't as they should be.  But it's too late.  A small leak in an auxillary thruster forces the entire tank to ignite at a speed that mankind only dreams of traveling.  Burst of light.  Utter darkness.  Silence.  Horror.  The lives of seven exceptional human beings are ended.  And on live television, millions watch as the next step forward comes crashing down...


It's hard to light a fire without some fuel and a little spark.  The same is true about love.

-Here Stand We Who Defy Gravity-

There's something about power and energy that makes you feel like you can take on the world.  When everything's going right, it's hard to think about how it could all go wrong.  And that's usually when it does.  It's a ceaseless flip-flop.  You think things can't get any better, and instead they get much worse.  And then just when you're about to give up, it all turns around and starts to get better.  But no matter how things are going, we're still alive because we're still feeling.  It's when we choose to ignore the gravity of our situation that we're truly dead inside.


Blue.  Next to white, this color is most representative to me of purity.  Blue skies.  Blue waters.  Dilute with a bit of black, and you're left with only black.  Impurity.  Darkness.  Time to clean the palette and start over...

-Until Forever-

Balance is definitive of perfection.  In utter brightness, perception is washed away just as easily as it is in utter darkness.  With the sun in your face, you're just as blind as you are with your eyes closed.  A continual cycle of day and night allows us to plan our lives.  Greater goods and necessary evils.  Harmony and synchronicity.



You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my tinderbox


Archaic mystic
Toxic technic
Styptic ethic
Lovesick tactic
Photic gothic
Scenic psychic
Karmic music
Epic traffic

Disastrous fullness
Mindless focus
Faithless goddess
Mirthless venus
Leaseless nexus
Nameless virus
Voiceless temptress
Needless menace

Crimson vixen
Pagan vision
Sodden omen
Hidden marksman
Shotgun session
Chosen fission
Barren nation
Solution stricken

You're my tinderbox
My triggered tripwire
Just one spark
And you ignite my fire

You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my
You're my tinderbox


Hateful gospel
Forceful sparkle
Fragile puzzle
Thermal satchel
Vigil kestrel
Total neutral
Glacial needle
Tonal angel

Vulcan cannon
Frozen demon
Poison reason
Asian ruin
Risen dragon
Heightened motion
Broken haven
Urban siren

Fairer creature
Fire eater
Fervor mortar
Minor fluster
Harder, sleeker,
Meaner, faster,
Smarter, cleaner,
Finer, stronger


"Trip The Breaker":

Behind my eyes I'm clawing at the tissue
I keep my sight switched off so I can miss you
How do I feel now that I have these issues?
My mind still works and one thought: that I miss you

But now that it works I don't even think I know you
Clarity engulfs like light, drowned in full view
Close my eyes once again, back to one hue
Black as the darkest night, reminds me of you


Open up my eyes to the light
And it takes her
Synapses burst under pain
And under pressure

Take my last bit of will and lay to sunder
Allow my apathy to boil and render
From herself I no longer will defend her
Cleansed of emotion I'm now thinking clearer

Burn through my flesh with the heat of a Solar
Radiate with light intense enough to trip the breaker


Not tired
Or wired
From the words
That I heard
Something stirred
And now I hurt
Waiting for

Can you see
What I mean
That I mean
To be here
You've suffered
I suffer
But now can't
Shed a tear

I wait in
This unrest
True wording
From my chest
Put me to
The one test
To prove it's
For the best

Here you've been
For what feels
The longest
Idle by
My lenses
While you're brought
In focus

[Repeat, faster]

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