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Thai Guy

Catalog Number OUS EP-05
Release Date Aug 23, 2008
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherOneUp Studios / /


Disc 1

01 Live Thai Guy 3:21
02 Traveling Thai Guy 5:35
03 Sly Thai Guy 3:23
04 Sexxy Thai Guy 4:07
05 Abstracted Thai Guy 4:17
06 Proggy Thai Guy 3:23
07 Alone with Tiger 3:37
08 Maita'i Roa 5:23
09 Sagat's Moonbike 4:40
10 Waltzing Thai Guy 0:23
Disc length 38:09




The OneUps (1)
Joshua Morse (2)
Tim Sheehy (3)
Mustin (4)
Dale North (5)
Kunal (6)
Mazedude (7, 9)
zyko (8)
Dhsu (10)

Throughout history, you'll find many great ideas - the printing press, for example. Or the theory of relativity. But all ideas pale in comparison to Dale North and Kunal Majmudar's joint brainstorm to make an album of nothing but arrangements of Sagat's theme from Street Fighter II. And the icing on the cake? Naming it Thai Guy.

The Bad Dudes are back and this time, it's for real. Yes, we seriously did nothing but remixes of Sagat and you've never heard anything more rad in your life. As one of the more rhythmically complex tunes in the video game universe, this EP features some eclectic arrangements and some really interesting ideas.

8 tracks. 2 bonus tracks (Mazedude's previously released "Sagat's Moonbike," and Dhsu's 22 second arrangement that was so good he didn't even have to finish it). Amazing artwork by 8BITMAXIMO. Prepare yourself! Click download, go find and dust off your eyepatch, and donate some money or you might find a huge scar on YOUR chest, punk!


1. Live Thai Guy
Dubbed the "Dark King of Muay Thai", Sagat is one of the most dangerous fighters in the world. This is his theme. This is his story.

2. Traveling Thai Guy
A week from his throwdown date with Ken in America, Sagat wakes, grabs his bags, and starts traveling to the United States. As he walks to the States (yes, walks - he's THAT badass), he reflects on his bouts with Ken in the past.

3. Sly Thai Guy
It was another stunning, yet empty victory for Sagat. Unsatisfied with his own technique, he decides to drown his sorrows at a local pub. When he notices a beautiful woman from across the bar, he begins his approach. His trip is cut short however, as a man in pink accidentally scuffs his designer foot wraps. Unable to control his inner-tiger, Sagat proceeds to show the man the true meaning of Muay Thai.

4. Sexxy Thai Guy
Sagat, after a long day of fighting, retires to his penthouse at the edge of the city. He places Sade's 1988 release "Stronger Than Pride" into his home stereo, pours a glass of bourbon, and moves to the balcony where he reflects on the day's battles; the ocean breeze calms his nerves. But his thoughts are interrupted by a knock at the door... The girl from the bar?

5. Abstracted Thai Guy
Wearing designer jeans and a loosely buttoned-up shirt, Sagat walks the girl to her car then heads for the private beach. The night sky has never been so bright, nor the ocean's waves so soothing. With his hands in his pockets, he walks along - pondering not fighting, but WHY he fights.

6. Proggy Thai Guy
Working his way through a notoriously dangerous tournament, Sagat cuts through the ranks with effortless ease and the precision of a fine-tuned machine. The competition concludes both spectacularly and suddenly when Sagat defeats the former champion with his famous "Tiger Uppercut."

7. Alone with Tiger
After seeing a friend almost die in the dreaded Kumite, Sagat journeys across Hong Kong in an introspective journey. Reliving the events of the day in his head, he centers himself in meditation and prepares himself for the next day's battle, where he will have to face the biggest challenge of his life.

8. Maita'i Roa
A natural introvert tires with constant travel. Each new place poses new trivialities to get accustomed to and a new apprehension to fight off. He was no different. He learned a long time ago that his haven would be the local dives - a sort of portal into a new world with, you know, a little help. But as always, he enters to be met with darting eyes and fading smiles - his only solace being the bold and brazen bartender who fixes him a drink to soothe his caged anxiety. With each momentous sip comes a perpetual sense of calm - an uneasy lull in the chaos... right before the storm crashes upon the sides of a rocky past; before he has grown accustomed to his surroundings - before he overcomes his anxiety... his nervous introspective prison. With the last sip, the Tiger awakes. He leaves the dive in a fit of ruin and carnage. As he walks back towards the stunned bartender, he slips him his tip with a smirk he fought all night to muster. "That drink. It was amazing."

9. Sagat's Moonbike
After coming down with a terrible cold, the tall Thai decides to mix DayQuil with NyQuil and go for a little ride...

10. Waltzing Thai Guy
After being defeated by Ryu's cheap Hadouken/Shoryuken combo for the sixty-ninth hundredth time, Sagat takes some time to reflect on his life and decides that it is finally time to throw in the towel for good and pursue his first love and true passion - ballroom dancing.

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Thai Guy

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