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Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Aug 24, 2008
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Remix


Composer / Nobuo Uematsu / , Trent Reznor
Arranger / HALO_ZERO


Disc 1

01 PRELUDE! 2:39
02 Every Story Begins With An End 3:32
03 Those Who Survive 2:53
04 The Ex-Soldier 3:11
05 Chosen To Be A Vessel 4:39
06 Us, We're The Turks 3:09
07 G's Oppressed People 3:53
08 My Mako Heart 3:45
09 The Planet's Warning 3:25
10 Given Despair 3:04
11 Meet Jenova 2:46
12 What Is Good? 3:36
13 Destruction In the Valley 2:02
14 Another Truth In My Heart 4:10
15 Twilight Aerith 3:24
16 Zero Dream 4:43
Disc length 54:51



Download here:

F1N4LF4NT4S7Z3R0 is a Nine Inch Nails + Final Fantasy VII remix album by Cody Walton (HALO_ZERO):

Track listing:

1. PRELUDE!: "HYPERPOWER!" + "Prelude"
2. Every Story Begins With An End: "The Beginning of the End" + "Opening, The Bombing Mission"
3. Those Who Survive: "Survivalism" + "Those Who Fight"
4. The Ex-Soldier: "The Good Soldier" + "Under The Rotting Pizza"
5. Chosen To Be A Vessel: "Vessel" + "Those Chosen By The Planet"
6. Us, We're The Turks: "Me, I'm Not" + "The Turks' Theme"
7. G's Oppressed People: "Capital G" + "Oppressed People"
8. My Mako Heart: "My Violent Heart" + "Mako Reactor"
9. The Planet's Warning: "The Warning" + "Shinra Company"
10. Given Despair: "God Given" + "On The Edge of Despair"
11. Meet Jenova: "Meet Your Master" + "Jenova Absolute"
12. What Is Good?: "The Greater Good" + "Who Are You"
13. Destruction In the Valley: "The Great Destroyer" + "Valley Of The Fallen Star"
14. Another Truth In My Heart: "Another Version of the Truth" + "Anxious Heart"
15. Twilight Aerith: "In This Twilight" + "Aerith's Theme"
16. Zero Dream: "Zero-Sum" + "Sending A Dream Into The Universe"

What the fuck is this crazyness?
As stated above F1N4LF4NT4S7Z3R0 is a Nine Inch Nails + Final Fantasy VII remix album by Cody Walton (HALO_ZERO). That's me.

Um... why?
Because I felt like it. I came up with the idea, and it seemed like a fun thing to do. I wanted to see what the outcome would be.

Where did you get this idea?
I've been a fan of both NIN and FF for years. For the last year or so I've been playing with doing NIN remixes since Trent Reznor started releasing his music in GarageBand format. Recently I bought a PS3 and broke out my old copy of FFVII. It reminded me of how much I love that game. At the same time it hit me that many of the game's themes are shared in common with the NIN album Year Zero; a corrupt government, controlled oppressed masses, destruction of the environment. For me it was a peanut butter and chocolate moment. Why not try to put them together and see what happens? Two great tastes that taste great together. In the end I hoped it would be a tribute to two of my favorite composers; Trent Reznor and Nobuo Uematsu.

What resources and software did you use to create this?
The sound resources were the multitrack files from the Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D album and various FFVII midi files from the last 10 years. The software I used was Dent Du Midi to rip the midi files, and Apple GarageBand to put it all together.

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