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Out of Silence

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Aug 27, 2008
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 12.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
Published by Lynne Publishing
Composed by Jogeir Liljedahl, Fabian Del Priore, Chris Hülsbeck
Arranged by Jogeir Liljedahl, Fabian Del Priore
Performed by Øyvind Vik


Disc 1

01 Nestea 8:02
02 Floating 5:15
03 Cold Summer Nights 4:05
04 Hidden Past 6:50
05 Infinity 5:14
06 Bright Ventures 5:12
07 Latenite 7:23
08 Out Of Silence 6:47
09 Travel 5:20
10 Graveness & Romantics 4:17
11 Antiquated [bonus track] 4:49
Disc length 63:14


A full 9 years after the release of his debut CD, The Wanderer, comes the next highly awaited album from Jogeir Liljedahl.

Aptly titled "Out of Silence", the album is a melodic/electronic music feast from beginning till end, with uplifting melodies, sparkling chords, typical Jogeir style wonderful bass lines, and with additional guitar appearances by Øyvind Vik.

This album also features a guest appearance by Chris Hülsbeck who co-wrote the track "Graveness & Romantics" with Jogeir, and by Fabian del Priore who also took part in co-composing and arranging some of the tracks.

This album is released as a download only album. You can buy the full album in 256-kbps MP3 files, or in Lossless FLAC audio format, in the LynneMusic Download Shop. The purchase also includes full cover artwork (4-page booklet and Inlay tray) complete with plenty of text from Jogeir. This comes as a high resolution printable PDF file, so you can print it on a color printer and make yourself a real cover, if you want to. In his album cover text, Jogeir discusses the story behind each and every track on the album, as well other general ramblings. :-)

Jogeir respectfully asks that you do not spread his music illegally, but allow fans to buy his album legally instead - thus supporting his music.

-Bjørn Lynne

All music composed & arranged by Jogeir Liljedahl, except;
M-06 Composed by Jogeir Liljedahl & Fabian Del Priore
M-10 Composed by Jogeir Liljedahl & Chris Hülsbeck
M-05 Composed by Jogeir Liljedahl, arranged by Jogeir Liljedahl & Fabian Del Priore

All music produced, mixed & mastered by Jogeir Liljedahl.
All guitars played & recorded by Øyvind Vik. Cover artwork by Noogman

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