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Here Comes a New Challenger

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Apr 30, 2008
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
PublisherGame Music 4 All / /


Composer / Hiroshi, Whoremoans, 8 Bit Bandit, Mac Turner, Dan Plus Add, MisterB, Atarimatt, Legendary Wizard, Category, Spheres of Chaos, ProjektZero, Doctor Octoroc, Dot.AY, ZOMBIES! ORGANIZE!!, Temp Sound Solutions, PC Speaker and Coaxke, Videogame Orchestra, Dual Core, Girlz Melon, IllGill, Decepticon-19, MadHatter, Jay Tholen, MC Wreckshin, The Analog Kid, NESMETAL, pIENESS, TUS, 8bit bEtty, Drown Radio, CasioKid, Elfonso, Dibiase, O-Phrap, Square Wail, Johnny La Rock and Mush Mouth, The Mighty Vybz
Performer / Random


Disc 1

01 Not This Castle 4:08
02 8 B.I.T. POPPA 4:09
03 The Drawing Board 2:10
04 Please Insert Coins 3:13
05 Things That Suck! 3:53
06 Knight in Rusted Armor 5:31
07 Angel With One Wing 5:07
08 F-Bombs and 1-Ups 3:18
09 Scheduled Rhymes 3:24
10 Champion Hero 2:59
11 Dick Disease 1:44
12 Game Girl 2:08
13 Jimmy 2:24
14 Audio Medication 3:56
15 Legend Of Mana Medley 3:43
16 Pes To - Des To 3:11
17 LOL Cats (Robot Funk Mix) 4:38
18 Holiday From Hyrule 2:54
19 Rush'n Attack 4:07
20 VS. 4:11
21 Skill Mega VS Laugh and Beats - Polaroid 2:28
22 Daft Punk VS Rich Boy (8 Bit Bandit MIX) 4:09
Disc length 77:25



Hiroshi VS Whoremoans (1)
8 Bit Bandit VS Mac Turner (2)
Dan Plus Add VS MisterB (3)
Atarimatt VS Legendary Wizard (4)
Category VS MisterB VS Dan Plus Add (5)
Spheres Of Chaos VS ProjektZero Ft. Booger Klown, Epic-1 (6)
Doctor Octoroc VS Random (7)
Dot. AY VS Zombies! Organize!! (8)
Temp Sound Solutions VS PC Speaker and Coaxke (9)
Videogame Orchestra VS Dual Core Ft. Stephanie KB (10)
Girlz Melon VS IllGill (11)
Decepticon-19 VS MadHatter (12)
Jay Tholen VS MC Wreckshin (13)
The Analog Kid VS. Category (14)
Videogame Orchestra VS TUS (16)
8bit bEtty VS Drown Radio (17)
CasioKid VS Elfonso (18)
Dibiase VS O-Phrap (19)
Square Wail VS Johnny La Rock and Mush Mouth (20)
The Mighty Vybz (21)
8 Bit Bandit (22)

About the Album
The album was started in fall 2007. Here Comes a New Challenger was mastered by Chris Holland. The album was released April 30th, 2008.

About the Artists
The bands and artists found on this album come from many places, genres, and scenes, and all the artists are incredibly talented at what they do! Find out more about the artists at their websites in the Links section.

About The Artwork
The artwork for the album, as well as banners, flash and site art was done single handedly by Doctor Octoroc.

About Game Music 4 All
Game Music 4 All [] is a website that brings news on all aspects of the Video game inspired music culture. The website is run by Jake, Corey, and Anthony and was founded in June 2006.

First and most importantly of all, GM4A would like to thank all the musicians that contributed to this compilation. Without their hard work and support none of this would have been possible.

Doctor Octoroc for all the amazing artwork and helping me out when I had no idea how to do a multitude of things.

The Shizz forums and the Rhyme Torrents boards for being great places to find wonderful musicians and artists.

Hex and, Alex Atchley and and also Category for hosting all our files and being great friends.

Z. (and Hex again) for the moral support and pointing me in the right direction when looking for musicians to be on this compilation. Also for getting the word out on the album to their loyal and wonderful readers.

Chris Holland for mastering the album, and making it sound as sonically sweet as it does.

Z., Hex, vPn, Leeni, Chris Holland, WordBurglar, Sir-Up, Brian, My Parent’s Favorite Music, Pixelh8, Spamtron, 8 bit w0nder, Alex Atchley, all my fellow Bossies, Kenley, Jephso, Dom, sli, Jake, Corey, and once again all the musicians on this compilation, for everyones support, help, and friendship!

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