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Detroit: Become Human - Original Soundtrack (Double Vinyl)
Catalog Number QD0027
Barcode 3701403100607
Release Date Sep 03, 2020
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 44.99 EUR
Media Format 2 Vinyl (12" 33⅓ rpm)
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherQuantic Dream / /
Phonographic CopyrightSony Interactive Entertainment Europe / /


Music / Nima Fakhrara, Philip Sheppard, John Paesano
Written by / David Cage
Featured Strings / Navid Hejazi
Orchestra / English Session Orchestra, Synchron Stage Orchestra, The Berlin Orchestra /
Recorded at / Abbey Road Studios, Synchron Stage, Teldex Studio, Guillaume Tell Studios
Conductor / Philip Sheppard, Johannes Vogel, Bernhard Wünsch
Director of Operations / Chris Walch
Score Mixer / Andrew Dudman, Phil McGowan
Pro Tools Engineers / Gordon Davidson, Matt Jones
Score Prepared by / Andrew Foster
Contracted by / Dom Kelly
Orchestra Coordinator / Jojo Arvanitis
With Thanks / Abbey Road Studios
Produced by / Nima Fakhrara
Performed by / Nima Fakhrara
Music Assistant / Cece Wen
Music Production Assistant / Drew Denton
Musical Sound Design / Ramin Kousha
Mix Engineer / Adam Schmidt
Score Recorded at / Zoo Creatives
Score Mixed at / Zoo Creatives
Music Production Executives / Bradley Rainey, Payam Fakhrara
Additional Writing / Adam Hochstatter
Technical Score Advisor / Anthony Loomis
Score Producer / Hayley Rosenthal
Scoring Engineer / Bernd Mazagg
ProTools Operator / Martin Weismayr
Monitor Engineer / Jörg Mayr
Recording Engineer / Tom Russbueldt, Andrew Dudman
Assistant Engineer / Cornelius Dürst
Orchestrator / Max Knoth, Andreas Lange, Johannes Vogel
Arranged by / Nolan Livesay
Technical Director / Denis Caribaux
Sound Engineer / Adrien Bolke
Music Production Service / Scoring Berlin GmbH


Disc 1

01 Connor Main Theme 8:54
02 Kara main theme 6:55
03 Markus Main Theme 3:01
04 Opening Credit 2:49
Side length 21:39
05 Connor And Hank 2:18
06 The Interrogation 3:12
07 The Nest 1:49
08 They All Look The Same 3:40
09 One By One 4:09
10 The Garden 2:43
11 I Trust You 1:32
12 Wake Up 2:11
Side length 21:34
Disc 2

01 Not Just a Machine 0:54
02 Dark Night 5:12
03 Song of the Lost Girl 3:07
04 Run with Me 2:42
05 What is a Mother 4:05
06 Carousel 0:53
07 Fly on Foot 3:33
08 By the River 2:20
Side length 22:46
09 Something You've Never Seen Before 3:13
10 I Am Markus 1:48
11 Markus' Speech 1:45
12 It's Time We Send A Message 2:15
13 We are People Edit Version 2:56
14 The Revoultion Is Starting 7:19
15 This Is The End 3:18
Side length 22:34

  Total tracks 27   Total length 1:28:33


2LP on white vinyl. Gatefold jacket with liner notes and credits.


Music by Philip SHEPPARD

Recorded at Abbey Road Studios
Conductor: Philip SHEPPARD
Director of Operations for Philip SHEPPARD: Chris WALCH
Recorded by: Andrew DUDMAN
Score Mixer: Andrew DUDMAN
Pro Tools Engineers: Gordon DAVIDSON & Matt JONES
Score prepared by: Andrew FOSTER
Orchestra: English Session Orchestra
Contracted by: Dom KELLY
Orchestra Coordinator: Jojo ARVANITIS
With thanks to Abbey Road Studios


Music by Nima FAKHRARA

Produced and performed by Nima FAKHRARA
Featured Strings: Navid HEJAZI
Music Assistant: Cece WEN
Music Production Assistant: Drew DENTON
Musical Sound Design: Ramin KOUSHA
Mix Engineer: Adam SCHMIDT
Score Recorded and Mixed at Zoo Creatives, Marina Del Rey CA
Music Production Executives: Bradley RAINEY, Payam FAKHRARA


Music by John Paesano

Additional Writing: Adam HOCHSTATTER
Technical Score Advisor: Anthony LOOMIS
Score Producer: Hayley ROSENTHAL
Score Mixer: Phil MCGOWAN

Recorded at Synchron Stage VIENNA
Scoring Engineer: Bernd MAZAGG
ProTools Operator: Martin WEISMAYR
Monitor Engineer: Jörg MAYR
Orchestra: Synchron Stage Orchestra
Orchestrator & Conductor: Johannes VOGEL

Recorded at Teldex Studio Berlin
Recording Engineer: Tom RUSSBUELDT
Assistant Engineer: Cornelius DÜRST
Conductor: Bernhard WÜNSCH
Orchestra: The Berlin Orchestra (by Scoring Berlin)
Orchestrator: Max KNOTH & Andreas LANGE
Music Production Service: SCORING BERLIN GmbH


Written by David CAGE
Arranged by: Nolan LIVESAY
Recorded at Guillaume Tell Studios
Technical Director: Denis CARIBAUX
Sound Engineer: Adrien BOLKE

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