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Slice of Life: Songs from Wholesome Games

Slice of Life songs from wholesome games
Catalog Number BSR049
Release Date Mar 2021
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 29.00 EUR
Media Format Vinyl (12" 33⅓ rpm)
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherBlack Screen Records / /


Composer / Mark Sparling, Brad Fotsch, Dale North, Grahm Nesbitt, Pedro Silva, Greg Nicolett, Dorrell Ettienne, Stijn van Wakeren, Gisula, Yotaro Sago / , Johannes Johansson, Lauri Koivisto, Thomas Williams, Clark Aboud, Max Coburn, Lena Raine, Maria Félix, John "Slide20XX" Smith, Emily Anderson, Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis
Arranger / Dorrell Ettienne
Performer / Sylvain Caron, Dan Rosenboom, Vikram Devasthali, Jakob Reinhardt, Leonardo Cincinelli, John Schroeder, Morgan Paros, Jessica Fichot, Kristin Naigus, Patti Rudisill, Marcos Daniel Vaillarejo Castro, Yotaro Sago / , Mitsuyasu Shimozuru / , Naoko Wakatabi / , Yoshifumi Muruno, Ko Watanabe / , Ayane Homiya, Keisuke Mukai / , Lena Raine, Michaela Nachtigall, SungHa Hong
Recording Engineer / Simon Evig
Mastering Engineer / Christian Bethge
Mastering Studio / RAMA Tonstudio


Disc 1

01 Somewhere In The Woods
02 Spring Jive
03 Farm (Winter)
04 Summer Bar (Day Theme)
05 Twinkle Town
06 Luna's Theme
07 Main Theme
08 Turbine Town
09 Lila's Waltz
10 Amayadori
11 Hoa's Theme (Vinyl Version)
12 Starting Again
13 Light Garden
14 Makisu Melody
15 Hello Little Spider
16 Fruit Circuits
17 Appie Foothills
18 The Villa
19 Chai Tea and Tai Chi
20 A Cat is a Cat
21 Song of Growth (Piano)



A vinyl album compilation benefiting Galaxy Fund, a first-of-its-kind grant for women, BIPOC, and LGBT+ founders of game development studios

"This vinyl compilation will be available on limited edition 180g purple vinyl and comes in a beautiful sleeve with stunning original artwork by mushbuh and includes a 12" insert with credits and liner notes. All tracks have been carefully mastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at RAMA Tonstudio."

Remastered for vinyl by Christian Bethge at Rama Tonstudio
Vinyl produced by Black Screen Records

Disc 1: Sun
A01. A Short Hike - Somewhere In The Woods*
A02. Wattam - Spring Jive
A03. Snacko - Farm (Winter)*
A04. Garden Story - Summer Bar (Day Theme)*
A05. Ooblets - Twinkle Town*
A06. Potionomics - Luna's Theme*
A07. Onsen Master - Main Theme*
A08. Here Comes Niko - Turbine Town*
A09. The Spirit and the Mouse - Lila's Waltz*
A10. Rainy Season - Amayadori*
A11. Hoa - Hoa's Theme (Vinyl Version)*

Disc 2: Moon
B01. Assemble With Care - Starting Again*
B02. Kind Words - Light Garden*
B03. Rolling Hills - Makisu Melody*
B04. Webbed - Hello Little Spider*
B05. Button City - Fruit Circuits*
B06. Chicory - Appie Foothills*
B07. Lonesome Village - The Villa*
B08. Pekoe - Chai Tea and Tai Chi*
B09. Calico - A Cat is a Cat*
B10. Spiritfarer - Song of Growth (Piano)*

Songs with an (*) are presented for the first time on vinyl as part of this collection. A Short Hike and Spiritfarer have both contributed new mixes that are exclusive to this collection.


A01 - Somewhere In The Woods (Flight Mix)
   Written by Mark Sparling

A02 - Spring Jive
   Written by Brad Fotsch
   With performances by Silvain Caron (Clarinet, Sax), Dan Rosenboom (Trumpet), Vikram Devasthali (Trombone), Jakob Reinhardt (Flute, Bass Clarinet), Leonardo Cincinelli (Piano), John Schroeder (Guitar), Morgan Paros (Violin), Jessica Ficot (Accordion)

A03 - Farm (Winter)
   Written by Dale North

A04 - Summer Bar (Day Theme)
   Written by Grahm Nesbitt

A05 - Twinkle Town
   Written by Pedro Silva

A06 - Luna's Theme
   Written by Greg Nicolett
   With performances by Kristin Naigus (Woodwinds), Patti Rudisill (Violin)

A07 - Main Theme
   Written by Dorrell Ettienne

A08 - Turbine Town
   Written by Stijn van Wakeren
   With performances by Marco Daniel Villarejo Castro (Sayth Vashra)

A09 - Lila's Waltz
   Written by Gisula

A10 - Amayadori
   Written by Yotaro Sago
   With performances by Yotaro Sago, Mitsuyasu Shimozuru, Naoko Wakatabi, Yoshifumi Muruno, Ko Watanabe, Ayane Homiya, Keisuke Mukai

A11 - Hoa's Theme (Vinyl Version)
   Written by Johannes Johansson, Lauri Koivisto
Engineered by Simon Evig

B01 - Starting Again
   Written by Thomas Williams

B02 - Light Garden
   Written by Clark Aboud

B03 - Makisu Melody
   Written by Max Coburn

B04 - Hello Little Spider
   Written by Stijn van Wakeren

B05 - Fruit Circuits
   Written by Pedro Silva

B06 - Appie Foothills
   Written by Lena Raine
   With performances by Lena Raine (Keyboards, Programming), Kristin Naigus (Woodwinds), Michaela Nachtigall (Violin, Viola), SungHa Hong (Cello)

B07 - The Villa
   Written by Maria Félix

B08 - Chai Tea and Tai Chi
   Written by Mark Sparling

B09 - A Cat Is a Cat
   Written by John "Slide20XX" Smith, Emily Anderson

B10 - Song of Growth (Piano Version)
   Written by Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis

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