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8-Bit Symphony: Just the Chips 2

8-Bit Symphony Just the Chips: Second Half
Catalog Number 8BSPS2
Release Date Sep 2021
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price 125.00 GBP (Package Price)
Media Format 2 CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
LabelC64Audio / /
PublisherHigh Technology Publishing / /


Composer / Richard Joseph, Rob Hubbard, Antony Crowther, Ben Daglish, Anthony Lees, Martin Galway, Paul Norman, Mark Cooksey, Graham Marsh, Tim Follin, Graham Jarvis
Arranger / Jason Page


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    Additional CD released with the VIP tier on 8-Bit Symphony: Second Half. Contains the original SID tunes used as inspiration for the orchestrated works on 2 cds.

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