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Liquid Soul and Solid Blood / Hello Sleepwalkers

Catalog Number AZCS-1037
Barcode 4562256122166
Release Date Oct 22, 2014
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1836 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
LabelA-Sketch / / , Aer-born / /
PublisherA-Sketch Inc. / /


Composer / Shuntarou, Makoto
Arranger / Hello Sleepwalkers
Lyricist / Shuntarou, Narumi
Co-produced by / Richard Archer (Hard-Fi), Wolsey White
Mixing Engineer / Richard Archer (Hard-Fi), Wolsey White, Tommy English
Mixing Studio / Studio America
Recording Engineer / Tomoki Kagami /
Guitar Technician / Kappa
Bass Technician / Kappa
Drums Technician / Yoshio "Masuo" Arimatsu, Masato Murakami /
Additional Keyboards / Richard Archer, Wolsey White
Programming / Richard Archer, Wolsey White
Guitars / Richard Archer, Wolsey White
Percussion / Richard Archer, Wolsey White
Recording Studio / aLive Studio, Aobadai Studio / , FORSTA
Assistant Engineer / Junya Nakabayashi / , Ayaka Toki /
Mastering Engineer / Dick Beetham
Mastering Studio / 360 Mastering


Disc 1

01 Hyakki Yagyou 4:05
02 Worker Ant 4:16
03 Achilles to Kame 3:47
04 Asa ni Futaru wa 4:09
05 Digi-Boy 3:47
06 Ray of Sunlight 3:42
Disc length 23:46



Hello Sleepwalkers 3rd Album

M-02, 03, 05
Composer: Shuntarou
Arranger: Hello Sleepwalkers
Lyricist: Shuntarou

M-01 - iOS/Android Game "BLEACH Brave Souls" Opening Theme
Composer: Shuntarou
Arranger: Hello Sleepwalkers
Lyricist: Shuntarou

Composer: Makoto
Arranger: Hello Sleepwalkers
Lyricist: Narumi

M-06 - Sports Brand UNDER ARMOUR CM song
Composer: Shuntarou
Arranger: Hello Sleepwalkers
Lyricist: Shuntarou

Hello Sleepwalkers are:
Shuntarou: Vocal & Guitar
Narumi: Guitar & Vocal
Tasoko: Guitar
Makoto: Bass
Yuki: Drums

Co-produced and Mixed by Richard Archer (Hard-Fi) & Wolsey White (M-01-05)
Mixed by Tommy English at Studio America in Los Angeles, CA (M-06)
Recorded by Tomoki Kagami
Guitar and Bass Technician: Kappa
Drums Technician: Yoshio "Masuo" Arimatsu, Masato Murakami
Additional keyboards, programming, guitars and percussion: Richard Archer & Wolsey White (M-01-05)
Studios: aLive Studio, Aobadai Studio, FORSTA
Assisted by Junya Nakabayashi, Ayaka Toki
Mastered by Dick Beetham at 360 Mastering

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