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BEST SOUND of GameMusicLibrary Vol.4

Catalog Number GML-0004
Release Date Aug 12, 2000
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Unknown (Japan)
Media Format CD
Classification Arrangement
PublisherGameMusicLibrary / /


Disc 1

01 Largo -The Gentle Moon- [リフレインブルー] 2:05
02 Peaceful Time [リフレインブルー] 2:48
03 Home My Home [とらいあんぐるハート2] 3:26
04 青空の近い場所 [とらいあんぐるハート2] 2:12
05 夏の追憶 [痕] 5:39
06 日溜まりの街 [Kanon] 4:58
07 真っ直ぐな思いに… [フォークソング] 3:02
08 綺堂さくら [とらいあんぐるハート] 3:11
09 Nostalgis [SilverMoon] 2:56
10 I Can't Live Without Her [加奈] 3:47
11 神谷上へ… [フォークソング] 2:56
12 桜の季節 [フォークソング] 2:30
13 Eye-Catch まるち 32PartVer. [ToHeart] 0:09
14 Bonus Track -PCTRH Mix- [とらいあんぐるハート] 3:54
15 Sunshine Forever [こみっくパーティー] 3:23
16 夏の追憶 [痕] 2:19
17 Eye-Catch しほしほ [ToHeart] 0:10
18 feel so blue [オリジナル] 3:50
19 歩み [まじかる☆アンティーク] 3:45
Disc length 57:00



Trk.01 Largo -The Gentle Moon- (from "Refrain Blue" (C)ELF Co.,Ltd)
Compose: 与楢 啓至
Arrange: 普 桂花

Trk.02 Peaceful Time (from "Refrain Blue" (C)ELF Co.,Ltd)
Compose: 与楢 啓至
Arrange: 普 桂花

Trk.03 Home My Home (from "Triangle Heart 2" (C)jANIS/ivory)
Compose: Shige
Arrange: Yogurt

Trk.04 青空の近い場所 (from "Triangle Heart 2" (C)jANIS/ivory)
Compose: Shige
Arrange: Yogurt

Trk.05 夏の追憶 (from "Kizuato" (P)Leaf/AQUAPLUS)
Compose: Shinya Ishikawa
Arrange: Syo Hida

Trk.06 日溜まりの街 (from "Kanon" (C)Key)
Compose: Shinji Orito
Arrange: pine

Trk.07 真っ直ぐな思いに… (from "Folk Song" (C)REWNOSS)
Compose: Yoshio
Arrange: Kyou

Trk.08 綺堂さくら (from "Triangle Heart" (C)jANIS/ivory)
Compose: Shige/Mine
Arrange: Yogurt

Trk.09 Nostalgis (from "SilverMoon" (C)R.A.N Software)
Compose: アーティスティックコンセプツ
Arrange: HYN

Trk.10 I Can't Live Without Her (from "Kana ~Imouto~" (C)D.O.)
Compose: Hachima
Arrange: Yogut

Trk.11 神谷上へ… (from "Folk Song" (C)REWNOSS)
Compose: Yoshio
Arrange: Yogurt

Trk.12 桜の季節 (from "Folk Song" (C)REWNOSS)
Compose: Yoshio
Arrange: yan

Trk.13 Eye-Catch まるち 32PartVer. (from "ToHeart" (P)Leaf/AQUAPLUS)
Compose: Shinya Ishikawa
Arrange: Yogurt

Trk.14 Bonus Track -PCTRH Mix- (from "Triangle Heart" (C)jANIS/ivory)
Compose: --
Arrange: Yogurt

Trk.15 Sunshine Forever (from "Comic Party" (P)Leaf/AQUAPLUS)
Compose: Kazuhide Nakagami
Arrange: 響 ほーりぃ

Trk.16 夏の追憶 (from "Kizuato" (P)Leaf/AQUAPLUS)
Compose: Shinya Ishikawa
Arrange: KAZ☆

Trk.17 Eye-Catch しほしほ (from "ToHeart" (P)Leaf/AQUAPLUS)
Compose: Naoya Shimokawa
Arrange: Yogur

Trk.18 feel so blue (Original)
Compose: Raio
Arrange: Raito

Trk.19 歩み (from "Magical☆Antique" (P)Leaf/AQUAPLUS)
Compose:Naoya Shimokawa and Junya Matsuoka
Arrange: K-PA

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