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Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon Remastered Soundtrack

Catalog Number HUM-010-DIG
Release Date Apr 03, 2021
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 6.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
OrganizationsThe Fat Man and Team Fat


Music Composed by / The Fat Man
Produced by / The Fat Man
Piano / Floyd Domino
Bass / Nick Connolly
Organ / Nick Connolly
Drums / David Sanger
Vocals / Chris O'Connell
Melody / Tom McMail


Disc 1 Original Soundtrack, Remaster, Prototype/Unused

01 Come Home Soon 0:32
02 Come Home Soon (Instrumental) 0:32
03 Putt-Putt Slide 1:11
04 Putt in Tunisia 1:10
05 Hola, Putt! 0:35
06 Half-Beguine (Unused) 1:09
07 Blast Off 0:46
08 Drifting 0:48
09 Land (Unused) 0:18
10 Time is Right 0:42
11 Ragtime Tutti 2:33
12 A Little Motorcar 0:59
13 Perky 1:17
14 Ragtime Solo 2:14
15 Motorchacha 1:42
16 Car U Want 0:27
17 Latin Come Home 1:26
18 Lunar Blues (Unused) 0:43
19 Slimey 0:48
20 On the Moon 0:47
21 Mooning 0:42
22 Coal Mine on the Moon 1:42
23 Motorcar Swing (Unused) 1:47
24 Charleston 8 (Unused) 2:09
25 Charleston Brown (Unused) 1:43
26 Motorcar Organ 1:28
27 Slide Jam 1:34
28 Half-Moon 0:27
29 KGSR 0:44
30 Beguine 1:23
31 Going Home Fast 0:31
32 He's Swingin' 0:26
33 Come Home Sooner 0:34
34 Come Home Sooner (Instrumental) 0:30
Disc length 36:19



Music composed and produced by The Fat Man, George Sanger
Floyd Domino on Piano
Bass and Organ: Nick Connolly
Drums: David Sanger
Vocals: Chris O'Connell
Melody from Putt-Putt Joins the Parade by Tom McMail


This album, The Fat Man and Team Fat are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Humongous Entertainment, Tommo Inc. or Billionsoft Ltd.

For some of the tunes in “Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon,” I enlisted the help of Grammy-winner and Texas keyboard legend Floyd Domino, my two-time Grammy-winning brother Dave Sanger, and Hammond ace Nick Connolly. A less computer-literate trio you’ve never met. They bravely brought their instruments over to Fat Manor, we hooked ‘em up to the computer, I gave ‘em some sheet music, and they tore it up. I mean to say they played the heck out of the tunes I wrote…they didn’t actually rip up the pages until after the gig.

Music for games is usually written by a lone programmer or musician at a keyboard. This is the first time that parts of a computer game’s soundtrack have been recorded by a group of musicians of this caliber playing real instruments simultaneously, “jam-style.” They were able to play off of each other’s musical ideas in real time in a way that can’t be duplicated by other techniques. You can feel the music come alive on these songs, even on the least elaborate sound cards. And on a high-grade General MIDI sound card—look out! My thanks and admiration go to these musicians, and to Ron Gilbert for giving us the leeway to experiment in this direction.

–George Alistair Sanger
The Fat Man, September 24th, 1993


I tried to bring my best game: whole-tone scales, live jazz, Andrews Sisters harmony, whatever magic inspirations came floating into my heart from playing the prototype versions of the game.

Most significantly, I suppose, this project is the where I bonded with Humongous Entertainment games by falling in love with a little purple car.

Wouldn't you?

–George Alistair Sanger
The Fat Man, March 18th, 2021


Curated and recovered by Tim Knox
"Come Home Soon" and variations recovered by Justin Kovar at the UT Austin Video Game Archive (Dolph Briscoe Center for American History)
Cover art by Sophie Morse
Product and layout design by Tim Knox

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