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[ROAS-III] Ragnarok Online Arrange Mini Album
Catalog Number SRRM-0004
Release Date May 04, 2003
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price 1200 JPY
Media Format DVD
Classification Arrangement
PublisherSonic Revolution / /


Composer / soundTeMP
Arranger / Ravy, 紫電


Disc 1

01 One Step Closer -S.N.MAX- 4:57
02 TeMPoison -CARMX- 5:09
03 An Ant-lion's Pit -Purioni's Counterattack- 4:27
04 Everlasting Wonderer -Spring Wave mix- 4:44
05 Nano East -Far away- 5:15
06 Theme of Payon -Farewell of Latitude- 4:59
07 (data track)
Disc length 29:31



Sonic Revolution's 3rd Ragnarok Online arrangement and 4th mini-album

Arrangement: Ravy [1-3,5,6], 紫電 (Ink Touch) [4]
Design: ゆいは (薇式万象儀)


Track 7 is just a data track attached to the DVD audio on the album.

Track Information:
soundTeMP (1~6)

Tr. 01
Arrangement: One Step Closer -S.N.MAX-
Original Song: One Step Closer
Product: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 02
Arrangement: TeMPoison -CARMX-
Original Song: TeMPoison
Product: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 03
Arrangement: An Ant-lion's Pit -プリオニの逆襲-
Original Song: An Ant-lion's Pit
Product: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 04
Arrangement: Everlasting Wonderer -Spring Wave mix-
Original Song: Everlasting Wanderers
Product: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 05
Arrangement: Nano East -Far away-
Original Song: Nano East
Product: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 06
Arrangement: Theme of Payon -Farewell of Latitude-
Original Song: Theme of Payon
Product: Ragnarok Online

Tr. 07
Arrangement: N/A (Data Track)
Original Song: N/A (Data Track)
Product: Ragnarok Online

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