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Shounen wa Tsurugi wo… / Sound Horizon

少年は剣を・・・ / Sound Horizon

Disc 1

01 The Terminal King and the Knights from Another World ~The Endia & The Knights~ 5:43
02 The Crimson Windmill ~Moulin Rouge~ 6:00
03 The Paradise Loved by Gods ~Belle Isle~ 6:14
04 (no title available) 0:04
05 Secret Track PF SOLO 2:54
Disc length 20:55



Contains the opening theme song to the Simulation RPG "Chaos Wars" along with a song from the online game "Belle Isle". Also includes an original piece.

First Print comes with a "Shounen wa Tsurugi wo..." bookmark (3 different designs printed) and a "Belle Isle" item ticket.

All Songs Written & Composed & Arranged by Revo

Sound Producer: Revo
Producer: Koji Takahashi (Rap Products)
Director: Mayumi Takagi (Rap Products)

Sound Horizon
Lead Vocals: KAORI (1, 2), YUUKI (1), RIKKI (3)
Soprano Vocal: REMI (1, 2)
Chorus: KAORI (1, 2), YUUKI (1, 2), REMI (2, 3), RIKKI (3)
Voices: Akio Otsuka (1), Jimang (2), Rica Fukami (Vi-vo) (3), Ike Nelson (3)

Computer Programming & Keyboards: Revo
Guitars: Shingo jake Saito
Bass: Atsushi Hasegawa
Drums: Kenichi Fujimoto
Percussions: Naomi Ishikawa
Pan Flue: Takashi Asahi
Violin: Hanako Uesato (2), Kana Ito (3)
Strings: Kana Strings (1, 3)
Harp: Tomonori Asakawa
Acoustic Piano: Kenichiro Shinzawa

M4 and M5 are hidden bonus tracks on the CD.

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