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Sounds of Pop Pop City: Pop Pop Battle J Apropos-of-Nothing 6¼th Anniversary Commemorative Original Soundtrack (Cardboard Jubilee Edition)

Catalog Number UNB-614
Release Date Jun 14, 2018
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 4.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Arrangement
PublisherULTRANIMBUS / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Music / Tommy Pedrini
Mastered by / Madeline Lim
Vocals / chiyoco
Special Thanks / Jake Kaufman, Lindsay Collins, Mike Lambert, Charleett Romero, Laura Serafine, Matthew Greenfield, Aivi Tran, Scott Rux, Ben Nix, Akira Thompson, Michèle Pedrini


Disc 1

01 Ultranimbus Eyecatch 0:03
02 Pop Pop Title J 1:02
03 Swingin' Space Sports Report 1:08
04 Pop Pop Battle J‼︎ 2:18
05 Pop Pop Panic! 0:16
06 Welcome to Pop Pop City 2:42
07 Pop Pop Battle J‼︎ (Classic Edition) 2:16
08 Pop Pop Jump ↑UP (feat. chiyoco) 3:55
09 Pop Pop Jump ↑UP (Karaoke) 3:55
Disc length 17:35



Pop Pop Battle J is an interactive, multiplayer whack-a-character game using a custom controller created by ULTRANIMBUS. The game debuted in the hallways of GDC 2012, was exhibited in IndieCade's Night Games that same year, and was further guerrilla-exhibited at indie game, developer, and art events from 2012-2015. In addition to music and audio, I also co-produced this game.

To celebrate the milestone six-and-a-quarter-year anniversary of the game's non-release, I am proud to offer a completely remastered soundtrack to you today.

This Cardboard Jubilee Edition includes RARE UNRELEASED TRACKS, a chiptune remix of the original gameplay theme, and an ENTIRELY NEW THEME SONG [to a game that has no credits screen].

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