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A Dance of Fire and Ice - The Official Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Feb 03, 2019
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack
Organizations7th Beat Games, Indienova


Composed by / Jade Kim, Hafiz Azman, Cadence Hira, cYsmix, Riya, Gus La Flibuste, Quree
Produced by / Jade Kim, Hafiz Azman
Album Art / Kyle Labriola


Disc 1

01 Love Letters 2:03
02 The Midnight Train 1:03
03 Pulse 2:11
04 A Dance of Fire and Ice 1:16
05 Offbeats 1:04
06 The Wind-Up 1:11
07 Thanks For Playing My Game 1:08
08 Spin 2 Win 1:25
09 Jungle City 1:40
10 Butterfly Planet 1:31
11 Artificial Chariot 1:41
12 Third Wave Flip-Flop 1:31
13 One Forgotten Night 2:49
14 Bonus - A Dance of Fire and Ice [Spooky ver.] 1:20
15 Bonus - A Dance of Fire and Ice [Rabbit ver.] 1:16
Disc length 23:09



This is the official soundtrack for A Dance of Fire and Ice, a one-button rhythm game available on Steam and Itch.

As future levels are added to the game, their tracks will be added to the album if 7th Beat Games has the license to do so. Those that have purchased the album will receive those new tracks for free.

"The Midnight Train" composed by Jade Kim and Hafiz Azman.
SIDE A composed and produced by Jade Kim.
SIDE B composed and produced by Hafiz Azman.
Album art by Kyle Labriola.

Guest Tracks:
  Cadence Hira (08)
  cYsmix (09)
  Riya (10, 11)
  Gus La Flibuste (12)
  Quree (13)

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