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Hot Wheels AcceleRacers Soundtrack

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Aug 30, 2005
Publish Format Commercial, Promo/Gift/Reward
Release Price Unknown (U.S.)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
ManufacturerSony BMG Music Entertainment / /
Phonographic CopyrightSony BMG Music Entertainment / /


Disc 1

01 Acceleracers Theme 2:30
02 Drive 3:37
03 Action 4:15
04 Anything But Down 3:56
05 Go 2:48
06 Accelorate 4:11
07 Drag Racer 2:57
08 Get To The Finish Line 2:59
09 Tearin' Up The Streets 3:41
10 Pedal To The Metal 3:28
11 Hot Rod 6:13
12 Circles 3:31
13 Open Road Song 3:16
Disc length 47:22



01 AcceleRacers Theme
Artist: Robbie Wycoff
Composers: Cory Lerios, George Gabriel

02 Drive
Artist and Composer: Jim Kaufman

03 Action
Artist: Cashis Clay
Composers: Cashis Clay, Kelly Lee McCartney

04 Anything but Down
Artist: Chris Holmes
Composers: Chris Holms, Jim Kaufman

05 Go
Artist: Mark Mrdeza
Composers: Bill Cory, John Taylor, Steven Taylor

06 Accelorate
Artists and Composers: Cashis Clay, Kelly Lee McCartney

07 Drag Racer
Artists: Cliff Rigano, John Taylor, Steven Taylor
Composers: John Taylor, Steven Taylor

08 Get to the Finish Line
Artist and Composer: Jim Kaufman

09 Tearin' Up the Streets
Artists: Kelly Lee McCartney, Man-D
Composers: Alan Crawford, Kelly Lee McCartney

10 Pedal to the Metal
Artist: Kazzer
Composers: Brian West, Mark Kasprzyk

11 Hot Rod
Artist: Christopher Lawrence
Composers: Christopher Lawrence, Dave Aud

12 Circles
Artist: Nonpoint
Composers: Andy Goldman, Elias Soriano, Ken Charman, Roberto Rivera

13 Open Road Song
Artist: Eve 6
Composers: Eve 6, Max Collins

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