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King's Raid: The Story of Orvel

킹스레이드 : 오르벨 이야기
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jun 07, 2021
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 14,000.00 KRW
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack


Artist / XKA, Shoon, Goo-Min Nam / , MAZO, D.D.C.
Featuring / 신영숙, ChouCho / , Crystal An, 라라(LARA), Mitsuki Nakae / , iny, YooSubin
Arrangement / Hans Lee

Disc 1

01 The Right (English Version)(feat. 신영숙)
02 The Right (Korean Version)(feat. 신영숙)
03 The Right (Japanese Version)(feat. ChouCho)
04 The Right (Instrumental)
05 The Right (Arranged Instrumental)
06 Blind Days (English Version)(feat. Crystal An)
07 Blind Days (Korean Version)(feat. Crystal An)
08 Blind Days (Japanese Version)(feat. ChouCho)
09 Blind Days (Instrumental)
10 Not a Hero (English Version)(feat. 라라(LARA))
11 Not a Hero (Korean Version)(feat. 라라(LARA))
12 Not a Hero (Japanese Version)(feat. 中恵 光城)
13 Not a Hero (Instrumental)
14 Shooting Star (English Version)(feat. iny)
15 Shooting Star (Korean Version)(feat. iny)
16 Shooting Star (Japanese Version)(feat. iny)
17 Destiny (English Version)(feat. YooSubin)
18 Destiny (Off Vocal Version)
19 Not a Dream (Korean Version)
20 Not a Dream (Instrumental)



"The Right"
Artist: XKA, Shoon

M05 arranged by Hans Lee

"Blind Days"
Artist: XKA, Shoon

"Not a Hero"
Artist: Goo-Min Nam

"Shooting Star"
Artist: MAZO

Artist: MAZO

"Not a Dream"
Artsit: D.D.C.

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