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Eien no Ashita / DEEN

永遠の明日 / DEEN
Catalog Number BVCR-19137
Barcode 4988017665824
Release Date Dec 10, 2008
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1260 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
LabelBMG / /
ManufacturerBMG JAPAN, INC. / /
Phonographic CopyrightB-Gram RECORDS, INC. / / , BMG JAPAN, INC. / /


Disc 1

01 Eternal Tomorrow 4:56
02 Dream of a Distant Summer 3:40
03 Like a Dream ~Tales of Destiny Version~ 2:08
04 Eternal Tomorrow (off vocal version) 4:56
05 Dream of a Distant Summer (off vocal version) 3:36
Disc length 19:16

Translated by urutapu


M-01 - Theme song to Nintendo DS game "Tales of Hearts"
Lyrics, Composition: Shuichi Ikemori
Arrangement: DEEN & Koichiro Tokinori

Lyrics, Composition: Shuichi Ikemori
Arrangement: DEEN & Koichiro Tokinori

M-03 - Theme song to 1997 "Tales of Destiny"
Lyrics: Shuichi Ikemori
Composition: DEEN
Arrangement: Daisuke Ikeda
Ⓟ1997 B-Gram RECORDS, INC.
Licensed by B-Gram RECORDS, INC.

Produced by DEEN

Shuichi Ikemori : Vocal
Koji Yamane: Keyboards & Back-up Vocals
Shinji Tagawa: Guitars & Back-up Vocals

Additional Musicians
 Drums: HIDE (M-01)
 Bass: Kazuya Miyano (M-01)
 Violin: Miho Shimokawa, Yuki Nanjo (M-01, 02), Maya Morita, Misato Maruyama (M-01)
 Viola: Akiko Seki (M-02)
 Cello: Makiko Murata [村田真紀子] (M-02)
 Programming: Koichiro Tokinori (M-01)

Mixed by Tatsuya Morokaji (M-01, 02)
Recorded by Tatsuya Morokaji (M-01, 02), Shoichiro Inagaki (M-01, 02)
Mastered by Hiroyuki Hosaka (H² mastering)

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Platforms represented
Nintendo DS, Sony PlayStation

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