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Natsukashii TV Radio Ninki Bangumi Shudaikashuu Dai-4-shuu Fuefuki Doji no Uta

懐しいテレビ・ラジオ人気番組主題歌集 第4集 笛吹童子の歌
Catalog Number CC(H)-1010
Release Date 1971
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 500 JPY
Media Format Vinyl (7" 33⅓ rpm)
Classification Vocal
LabelKING / /
ManufacturerKing Record Co., Ltd. / /


Disc 1

01 笛吹童子の歌 2:17
02 「トンガリ帽子」 鐘の鳴る丘 2:05
Side length 4:22
03 バス通り裏 2:25
04 俺あ三太だ 2:25
Side length 4:50



(01) "Fuefuki Doji" theme song
Lyrics by: Hisao Kitamura
Composed and Arranged by: Rando Fukuda
Vocals by: Kamitakada Shounen Gasshoudan

(02) "Kane no Naruoka" theme cover song
Lyrics by: Kazuo Kikuta
Composed by: Yuji Koseki
Arranged by: Makoto Kawaguchi
Vocals by: 高橋恵子, Hibari Children Chorus

(03) "Bus Doriura" theme song
Lyrics by: Keisuke Tsutsui
Composed and Arranged by: Tadashi Hattori
Vocals by: Misao Nakahara [中原美紗緒], Dark Ducks

(04) "Santa Monogatari" theme song
Lyrics by: Shogo Kato [加藤省吾]
Composed and Arranged by: Takeo Watanabe
Vocals by: Toru Koyanagi [小柳徹]

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Radio/Audio Drama, Live Action
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Fuefuki Doji, Kane no Naruoka, Bus Doriura, Santa Monogatari
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