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Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger Mini Album 2

機界戦隊ゼンカイジャー ミニアルバム 2
Catalog Number COCX-41504
Barcode 4549767128658
Release Date Jul 21, 2021
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 1650 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
LabelColumbia / /
ManufacturerNIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. / /
DistributorNIPPON COLUMBIA CO., LTD. / /

Disc 1

01 Full Power Non-Stop! Zenkaiger
02 5 together! Zenkaiger
03 World Pirates Operation! TwokaiOh
04 POWER UP! Super Zenkaizer
05 Let's go! Super Twokaizer
06 5 together! Zenkaiger (Original Karaoke)



The CD package includes the 5th "Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger" Collection Card.

All lyrics by Mike Sugiyama

01. Opening Theme
Vocals: Takeshi Tsuruno
Chorus: Kotonomi Children's Chorus
Composed and Arranged by: Kentaro Sonoda

02. Insert Song
Vocals: Takeshi Tsuruno
Chorus: NoB
Composed by: NoB
Arranged by: Cheru Watanabe

03. Insert Song
Vocals: Hideaki Takatori
Performance: Zetki
Composed by: Hideaki Takatori
Arranged by: Hiroaki Kogashima

04. Insert Song
Vocals: Hideyuki Takahashi
Composed and Arranged by: Kenichiro Ohishi

05. Insert Song
Vocals: Tsuyoshi Matsubara
Composed and Arranged by: Yusuke Mochida

06. M-02 (original karaoke)

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