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egomaniac feedback / TK from Ling tosite sigure

egomaniac feedback / TK from 凛として時雨


Vocals / TK from Ling tosite sigure, suis from Yorushika, milet, Fuyumi Abe / , Kosuke Saito / from UNISON SQUARE GARDEN
Composer / TK
Lyricist / TK, Sui Ishida / , Mes, milet, Fuyumi Abe /
Remix / n-buna from Yorushika


Disc 1 [AICL-4124] Vocal

01 kanazawan 2:49
02 film A moment (film edition) 7:46
03 haze 4:06
04 contrast 5:02
05 unravel 4:03
06 Fantastic Magic 4:10
07 Secret Sensation 4:58
08 Signal 5:25
09 Wonder Palette 5:05
10 katharsis 4:26
11 memento 6:36
12 P.S. RED I 4:21
13 蝶の飛ぶ水槽 6:05
14 yesworld 4:51
15 will-ill 5:10
16 daylily 2:38
Disc length 77:31
Disc 2 [AICL-4125] Vocal, Remix

01 white silence (film edition) 7:17
02 Shinkiro 5:04
03 Shandy 4:35
04 moving on 4:40
05 melt (with suis from ヨルシカ) 4:46
06 copy light 5:05
07 彩脳 -Sui Side- 4:38
08 unravel (n-buna from ヨルシカ Remix) 3:56
09 Future Tone Bender (with milet) 3:52
10 Super bloom (with 阿部芙蓉美) 4:13
11 掌の世界 (with 斎藤宏介 from UNISON SQUARE GARDEN) 4:14
Disc length 52:20

  Total tracks 27   Total length 2:09:51


Composed by TK

Lyrics by TK except
  M-2.07 by Sui Ishida
  M-2.09 by Mes, milet, TK
  M-2.10 by Fuyumi Abe, TK

M-1.05 - TV Anime "Tokyo Ghoul" Opening Theme

M-1.06 - TV Anime "Ninja Slayer From Animation" Episode 15 Ending Theme

M-1.08 - TV Anime "91Days" Opening Theme

M-1.10 - TV Anime "Tokyo Ghoul:re" 2nd Opening Theme

M-1.12 - Animated Film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse" Japanese Theme Song

M-1.13 - TV Anime "pet" Opening Theme

M-1.15 - TV Anime "CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion" 15th Anniversary Rebroadcast Ending Theme

M-2.08 - TV Anime "Tokyo Ghoul" Opening Theme n-buna from Yorushika Remix
Remix: n-buna from Yorushika

Vocals: TK from Ling tosite sigure (with suis)

Vocals: TK from Ling tosite sigure (with milet)

Vocals: TK from Ling tosite sigure (with Fuyumi Abe)

Vocals: TK from Ling tosite sigure (with Kosuke Saito from UNISON SQUARE GARDEN)

All tracks written by TK

Mixed by TK, Tohru Takayama (Switchback Studio) [Disc2 M11]
Mixing Assisted by Fumiaki Unehara, Yasuhisa Kataoka, Hikaru Someno (Styrism Inc.)
Recorded by TK, Fumiaki Unehara, Yasuhisa Kataoka, Shoichiro Ishii, Hikaru Someno (Styrism Inc.), Shiori Maruoka (studio MSR), Yu Aoki, Hideki Ikawa
Recording Assisted by Nannie Johansson (Hanza Studios), Tim Tautorat (Hanza Studios), Julian Helms (Hanza Studios), Naoki Kawashima (Sony Music Studios Tokyo)
Recorded at Hansa Studios, Sony Music Studios Tokyo, Higashi-Azabu Studio, TUPPENCE HOUSE I'S STUDIO, Power Station (Berklee NYC), ONKIO HAUS, MIT Studio, STUDIO Dede, aLIVE RECORDING STUDIO, Fluss, STUDIO MATRYOSHKA, Studio 4, Studio 6, Studio SAUNA

Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, TK

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