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RIDGE RACER 6 direct audio ~extra disc~

Catalog Number SREX-0002
Release Date Dec 29, 2008 C75
Publish Format Commercial, Enclosure
Release Price Not for Sale (Japan)
Media Format CD
Classification Remix
PublisherSuperSweep co., ltd. / /
Phonographic CopyrightNAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. / /
Exclusive RetailerSuperSweep co., ltd. / /


Disc 1

01 Ridge Racer 6 Special Megamix 28:02
Disc length 28:02



Bonus CD enclosed with SRIN-1050~1 during its prerelease at Comiket 75. Additional copies were also included through purchases from SuperSweep's web store.

DJ Mixed by Yousuke Yasui

Track Breakdown:

01 You've Got a New Machine #1 (Composed by Hiroshi Okubo)
02 Find Your Way (Composed by Hiroshi Okubo)
03 Acid Eutron #001 (Composed by Acid Eutron)
04 Sueno Del Mar (Composed by Asuka Sakai)
05 Trail of Light (Composed by J99)
06 Radiance (Composed by Sanodg)
07 Photon Field (Composed by Koji Nakagawa)
08 I Want You (Composed by SamplingMasters AYA)
09 Galactic Life (Composed by Kohta "SOLIDSTATE" Takahashi)
10 Ultra Cruise (Composed by Tetsukazu Nakanishi)
11 Floodlight (Composed by Sanodg)
12 Explorers (Composed by Hiroshi Okubo)
13 Highway Fusion (Composed by SamplingMasters MEGA)
14 Run Pac-Man Run (Composed by Akitaka Tohyama)
15 Nitro Mantra (Composed by SamplingMasters AYA)

Album Stats

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Platforms represented
Microsoft Xbox 360



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