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Harmony of a Hunter Returns

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Aug 06, 2021
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
PublisherShinesparkers / /


Director / Darren Kerwin
Producer / Darren Kerwin, Vincent Rubinetti
Assistant Director / Zack Parrish, Sebastian Mårtensson
Dedicated to / Jesse Snow
Artwork / DisturBug, garlagan, Glaedrax, Nate Horsfall, Heather Wright, Vectrex28, David Verstraete
Logo / Gabriel "Hellgab" Leoni
Performer / Akmigone, Zack Parrish, Vincent Rubinetti, Myrtorp, Drakeld, Mega Beardo, Jonathan Peros, Luminist, Sebastian Mårtensson, Christopher Hunter, Groovin' Apple, Sam Dillard, LV-380, PirateCrab, DS Music, David Donges, Thennecan, George R. Powell, Stephan Wells, Lucas Eklund, Tim Hellmann, Mozzaratti, Chernabogue, Dewey Newt, VomitroN, Blue Brew Music, Danilo Ciaffi, Simon Palmblad, garlagan, Gario, Prophetik, Chip Jockey, Viking Guitar, Digll, Vidboy, ZakMarcusMusic, Justin Thornburgh, Moa Lenngren, Misplaced, Torby Brand, HiScore, Julia Seeholzer, The Reddit Symphony Orchestra
Featuring / The University of San Diego Choral Scholars
    Music Director / Juan Carlos Acosta
    Music Producer / Juan Carlos Acosta
    Soprano Vocals / Angelique Brown, Elora Dannan, Melissa Tumlos, Madison Vertson, Libby Weber
    Alto Vocals / Rosalyn Arvizu, Annie Flati, Elizabeth Gagle, Julia McAtee, Ruiwen Wang
    Tenor Vocals / Juan Carlos Acosta, Will Altinger, Jack Hemphill, Sam Stringer
    Bass Vocals / Payton Asch, Adam Davis, Aidan Conant Guy, John Mitchell
Featuring / Anthony Morgan, Darren Kerwin, Chromatic Apparatus, Viking Guitar, Vidboy, Slyvar, Harpsibored, Psamathes, Angel Hernandez, Roger Lima, VGDrumCovers, The Reddit Symphony Orchestra
Composer / Zack Parrish, Misplaced
Original Composer / Hirokazu Tanaka / , Kenji Yamamoto / , Kouichi Kyuma, Minako Hamano / , Kuniaki Haishima / , Chad York, Darren Radtke, Mike Peacock, Lawrence Schwedler, James Phillipsen, Sebastian Mårtensson, Yoshiyuki Ito / , Masumi Ito /
Additional Performer / Amanda VanHiel, Sebastian Mårtensson, Alex Parrish, Zack Parrish, Kynan Pearson, Iris Quezada, Mike Wikan, Bryan Walker, RoyboyX, Tove Pettersson, Heather Wright, Moa Lenngren
Harp / Chromatic Apparatus, Harpsibored
Cello / Chromatic Apparatus
Vocals / Psamathes, Tove Pettersson
Choir / Luis Vasquez, BillyTheBard11th, PegsterMcDudeson, Charlie Bramald, GuitarSVD, SoulInSadness, Darren Kerwin, Danilo Ciaffi
Guitars / Sebastian Mårtensson
Voice / Alex Parrish, Tove Pettersson
Commentator / Sebastian Mårtensson
Arranger / Vincent Rubinetti, Misplaced
Orchestrator / Vincent Rubinetti
Mixing Engineer / CasuallyNothing, Vincent Rubinetti
Lyrics / Vincent Rubinetti, Mary Kate Jiménez-Wall, Joanna Moxley
Special Thanks / CasuallyNothing, Darren Kerwin, Zack Parrish
Project Lead / Sebastian Mårtensson
Mastering Engineer / Samuel Lidström
Lead Mixing Engineer / Samuel Lidström
Additional Mixing Engineer / Sebastian Mårtensson
Sound Designer / Moa Lenngren, Samuel Lidström, Sebastian Mårtensson
Saxophone / Bobbie Jane Desforges
Voice Actor / Alex Parrish, Zack Parrish, Sebastian Mårtensson
Sampling / Joel Sandberg, Sebastian Mårtensson, Samuel Lidström


Disc 1

01 My Past is Not a Memory 6:50
02 Through Depths and Beyond 4:45
03 Lost Science of the Chozo 4:38
04 A Severed Queen 3:51
05 Justice Will Prevail 5:51
06 Chasing the Draygon 5:32
07 Opposing Currents 4:24
08 Arriving Somewhere in Torvus Bog 7:05
09 Echoes in Crimson 4:23
10 Prophecy of the Forgotten 4:46
11 The Pursuit 3:13
12 Mechavania 3:44
13 Metamorphosis 6:47
14 Club Kraid 5:08
15 Kraidosaurus 3:00
16 Another Memory 2:01
17 Prelude for Prime 5:30
18 Memories of an Echo 5:54
19 Metamorphic 4:54
20 SRX Derelict 4:03
21 Echoes From the Past 3:24
22 The Inn by the Glacier 3:30
23 Groundshaker 4:20
24 Redemption 4:16
25 War Golem 3:41
26 TA4-X 4:28
27 An Endless Sleep 4:25
28 The Motherworld 4:37
29 Parasite Slasher 3:11
30 U-Mos' Mainframe 3:18
31 In the Name of Science 3:29
32 Darkness Rising 4:07
33 Darkness vs Light 4:38
34 A New Star 3:32
35 The Age of Gold 5:14
36 Aethereal Nexus 3:26
37 A Crack in the Glass 5:01
38 The Battle for Tallon IV 5:59
39 Phazonsynthesis 3:57
40 Melting Point 4:15
41 Nicely Done, Samus! 2:53
42 The Plot Thickens 4:29
43 Garden of Zebes 6:23
44 Cradle of the Chozo 4:14
45 Neon Norfair 5:49
46 Sanctuary of Geoform 187 4:45
47 Bowels of Torment 5:17
48 The Cunning God of Death 3:59
49 Grandparent Parietal 3:05
50 Brain Dead 2:43
51 Peace In Space 1986 3:38
52 Wave (Goodbye) Beam 3:33
53 Orpheon Groove 4:12
54 Mechaeye 3:34
55 The Lost Vessel Awakens 4:58
56 Wonderwave 4:36
57 Operation Golem 3:11
58 Twilight Zone 3:38
59 Go Rogue 3:09
60 Call of the Warrior 5:11
61 Harmony Returns 2:46
62 Below the Ice and Snow 3:46
63 A Hunter's Epilogue 3:18
64 Chronicles of Samus 24:39
65 Corruption Consumed 3:31
Disc length 300:24



"Harmony of a Hunter Returns is a massive five-hour long album, featuring sixty five tracks across the Metroid series, covering a range of musical genres.
The album celebrates thirty-five years of the Metroid franchise, and ten years since our first release.
Dedicated to the memory of Jesse Snow."

Director and Producer — Darren Kerwin
Assistant Director(s) — Zack Parrish, Sebastian Mårtensson


1. My Past is not a Memory
by Akmigone, Zack Parrish feat. Anthony Morgan
Opening (Metroid), Prologue (Super Metroid), Main Theme, Metroid Prime (Metroid series)

2. Through Depths and Beyond
by Vincent Rubinetti
Brinstar (Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission)

3. Lost Science of The Chozo
by Myrtorp
Chozo Laboratory (Metroid: Samus Returns)

4. A Severed Queen
by Drakeld
Vs Parasite Queen (Metroid Prime)

5. Justice Will Prevail
by Mega Beardo
Vs Rundas (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

6. Chasing the Draygon
by Jonathan Peros
Lower Maridia (Super Metroid)

7. Opposing Currents
by Luminist
Sector 4 (AQA) (Metroid Fusion)

8. Arriving Somewhere in Torvus Bog
by Sebastian Mårtensson
Torvus Bog (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

Artist's Notes:
“This track was the track I really wanted to do for the 35th anniversary. I was really deep in a Porcupine Tree phase and wanted to make something similar to their sound. When I had my structure done I felt it had a lot of similarities with their (Porcupine Tree) track Arriving Somewhere But Not Here, so that’s where the name comes from. The track was originally meant to have more soundscapes in the intro and outro but time flew away and I needed to get the track done to focus on Assistant Director stuff.”
- Sebastian Mårtensson

9. Echoes in Crimson
by Christopher Hunter
Brinstar Red, Jungle Temple (Super Metroid, Samus Returns)

10. Prophecy of the Forgotten
by Groovin' Apple feat. Darren Kerwin, Chromatic Apparatus
Chapel of the Elders / Artifact Temple (Metroid Prime)

Additional Credits

Artifact of Truth: Amanda VanHiel
Artifact of Spirit: Sebastian
Artifact of World: Alex Parrish
Artifact of Wild: Zack Parrish
Artifact of Chozo: Kynan Pearson
Artifact of Lifegiver: Iris Quezada
Artifact of Sun: Mike Wikan
Artifact of Elder: Bryan Walker
Artifact of Newborn: RoyboyX
Artifact of Nature: Tove
Artifact of Strength: Heather
Artifact of Warrior: Moa Lenngren

11. The Pursuit
by Zack Parrish
Artaria (Metroid Dread)

12. Mechavania
by Drakeld
Vs Quadraxis (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

13. Metamorphosis
by Sam Dillard
Chykka Larva & Adult (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

14. Club Kraid
by LV-380
Kraid's Lair (Metroid)

15. Kraidosaurus
by PirateCrab
Vs Kraid (Super Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission)

16. Another Memory
by Sebastian Mårtensson
Finding The Memento (Metroid: Other M)

Artist's Notes:
“I’ve always loved the “Finding The Memento”-track from Other M. There aren’t that many memorable tracks from that game, but this is definitely one of them! I just played this one really simple. Two guitars, a piano, a pad and a bass. I also wanted it to not feel overly edited so a lot of background noises were intentionally left in.”
- Sebastian Mårtensson

17. Prelude for Prime
by DS Music
Opening (Metroid Prime Trilogy)

18. Memories of an Echo
by David Donges
Title Screen (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

19. Metamorphic
by Thennecan
Vs Gandrayda (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

Artist's Notes:
“Gandrayda battle theme is an amazing track, I found myself experimenting a lot with ambience sounds and mixing them with heavy metal. It is something I’ve done before but this time I think I was able to refine that mixture a lot better. Hope you like it!”

20. SRX Derelict
by George R. Powell feat. Viking Guitar
Sector 1 (Metroid Fusion)

21. Echoes From the Past
by Zack Parrish feat. Sebastian Mårtensson
Chozo Ruins (Metroid: Zero Mission)

22. The Inn by the Glacier
by Stephan Wells feat. Vidboy, Slyvar
Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime)

23. Groundshaker
by Drakeld
Vs Thardus (Metroid Prime)

24. Redemption
by Zack Parrish
Title theme (Metroid Prime: Federation Force)

25. War Golem
by Lucas Eklund
Vs Mogenar (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

26. TA4-X
by Tim Hellmann
Tallon Overworld 2 (Metroid Prime)

27. An Endless Sleep
by Zack Parrish feat. Harpsibored, Chromatic Apparatus, Psamathes
Skytown (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)

Performed by: Chromatic Aperatus (Harp 1, Cello), Harpsibored (Harp 2), Psamathes (Vocals)

28. The Motherworld
by Mozzaratti
Surface of SR-388 (Metroid II: Return of Samus, Samus Returns)

29. Parasite Slasher
by Chernabogue feat. Viking Guitar
Arachnus X (Metroid Fusion)

30. U-Mos’ Mainframe
by Dewey Newt
Sanctuary Fortress (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

Artist's Notes:
“For Harmony of a Hunter Returns, Darren reached out to me after Chernabogue recommended me for the project back in November 2020. Darren was particularly looking for a chiptune cover for the album in order to add more genre variety. We discussed terms, and then I looked over the tracklist to see what I wanted to pick. I wanted to stick with a track that was both melodic and higher energy in order to play to both chiptune and my own strengths. I eventually landed on Metroid Prime 2’s Sanctuary Fortress.

My main sources of inspiration going in were branflakes’ 8-bit Torvus Bog rendition, as well as a recent Metroid synthwave cover I had made. I was initially going to try to blend the two and see what “8-bit synthwave” sounded like. I was even going to invite a guitarist onboard! The idea there was to have the guitarist solo over the track, and then I would transcribe the solo into Famitracker. My experiment did not pan out, haha.

As I worked through transcribing some of the arpeggiated background lines, I began to imagine the track being a sort of hacker-style minigame. Samus walks up to the entrance of Sanctuary Fortress, then hacks into the main computer in order to extend the light bridge to the rest of the facility. The typing heard at the beginning spells out “L-U-M—I-N—O-T-H”, a password of sorts. Then a login sound plays. Of course, Samus’ login hacker theme is her appearance fanfare! Then, the cover begins. As a quick aside, I wrote this track in Famitracker (2A03+VRC6), and then imported into FL Studio for a bit of mixing and panning.

Since ambience is not chiptune’s strength (or rather, I am not skilled enough to pull off ambient music with chiptune, haha), I filled out the track with more groove-styled elements. I kept the key rhythm of the original bass line, but fleshed it out to give the track a little more bounce. I also added in some more chippy-type elements, like slides and “glitches”. I replaced the original’s more orchestral/ambient drum rhythms with something more akin to a drumkit. After that, the melody of Sanctuary Fortress plays rather unaltered. I added in some rhythmic “stabs” for a little more punch. I also shortened some of the gaps in the original track to move forward.

At 1:48, I move into Sanctuary Fortress Depths, keeping the same sort of mentality used in the first half of the track. I took the opportunity here to add in some solos with my usual scheme of the first solo being more lyrical, the second more technical. The way the solos came to me were actually based off of other Metroid melodies! 1:57-2:14 is based off of the Luminoth’s general motif, as heard in tracks like Prime 2’s Sky Temple Gateway. 2:14-2:31 is based off of Metroid Prime’s Phendrana Drifts. The solos aren’t very close to the originals, but the source tracks were enough of a jumping off point for me at least! After that, it’s back to Sanctuary Fortress, and eventually to the end of the track where I cut the drums and focus more on chords.

Thank you so much for reading this somewhat lengthy write-up. I hope you enjoy reading others’ write-ups, along with listening to their tracks!”
- Dewey Newt

31. In the Name of Science
by Sebastian Mårtensson
Vs Nightmare (Metroid Fusion)

Artist's Notes:
“I thought I’d give more sound effect based music a go on this one. Incorporate the noises of a scientist creating Nightmare. Metal slammed, screws tightened, buttons pressed, potions bubbling and electricity sparking. The slow progression works well in my opinion to strengthen the idea of how the scientist makes slow progress on their creation. I’m also really happy with the guitar solo at the end. Here, Tove Pettersson lends her voice to the track as well. I think it turned out really nice.”
- Sebastian Mårtensson


Slightly modified SFX-samples used from:

32. Darkness Rising
by Drakeld
Vs Dark Samus (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)


Tove Pettersson — Vocals

33. Darkness vs Light
by VomitroN
Vs Emperor Ing (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

34. A New Star
by Blue Brew Music
Menu, Credits (Metroid Prime)

35. The Age of Gold
by Danilo Ciaffi feat. Choir
Bryyo (Cliffside) (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)


Chromatic Apparatus — Cello

Luis Vasquez
Charlie Bramald
Darren Kerwin
Danilo Ciaffi

36. Aethereal Nexus
by Drakeld
Temple Grounds (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

37. A Crack in the Glass
by Groovin' Apple
Maridia (Sandy Desert) (Super Metroid)

38. The Battle for Tallon IV
by David Donges
Vs Space Pirates (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)

39. Phazonsynthesis
by Simon Palmblad
Flaahgra (Metroid Prime)

40. Melting Point
by Zack Parrish
Vs Vorash (Metroid: Other M)

41. Nicely done, Samus!
by garlagan
Record of Samus (Metroid Prime series)

42. The Plot Thickens
by Zack Parrish, Sebastian Mårtensson
Uncovering The Bioweapons Plot, An Unfortunate Discovery (Metroid: Other M)

Artist's Notes:
“This track was made in secret as a surprise for Darren. It consists of two obscure tracks from Metroid: Other M (“Uncovering The Bioweapons Plot” and “An Unfortunate Discovery”) and while they aren’t really popular tracks I’ve always really liked them. But the main idea for choosing these tracks was to test Darren and see if he would recognize them. This, and Twilight Zone, were my first times collaborating with Zack Parrish and had a lot of fun doing so! I laid the groundwork for the track and then Zack really brought it to life with his orchestral and cinematic arrangement.”
- Sebastian Mårtensson

43. Garden of Zebes
by Gario
Brinstar Green (Super Metroid)

44. Cradle of the Chozo
by Prophetik
Artifact Temple (Metroid Prime)

45. Neon Norfair
by LV-380
Norfair (Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission)

46. Sanctuary of Geoform 187
by Chip Jockey
Ridley's Lair (Metroid, Metroid: Zero Mission)

47. Bowels of Torment
by Viking Guitar feat. Angel Hernandez
Lower Norfair (Super Metroid)

48. The Cunning God of Death
by Vincent Rubinetti feat. Zack Parrish
Vs Ridley (Metroid series)

49. Grandparent Parietal
by Digll feat. Roger Lima
Vs Mother Brain (Super Metroid)

50. Brain Dead
by Blue Brew Music
Escape (Metroid)

51. Peace In Space 1986
by LV-380
Credits (Metroid)

52. Wave (Goodbye) Beam
by Vidboy
Surface of Tallon IV (Metroid Prime)

53. Orpheon Groove
by ZakMarcusMusic feat. VGDrumCovers
Underwater Frigate (Metroid Prime)

54. Mechaeye
by Justin Thornburgh feat. VGDrumCovers
Vs Slench (Metroid Prime Hunters)

Artist's Notes:
Special thanks to PyroPaperPlanes for providing a MIDI.

55. The Lost Vessel Awakens
by Unknown
Wrecked Ship (Super Metroid)

Artist's Notes:
This track is an “enhanced” version of the original Wrecked Ship theme from Super Metroid. Imagine some scene in an old movie, where Samus enters the Wrecked Ship and searches a way to restore power to the electrical systems of the ship. After a while she finds the main control room and restarts the ship’s main fusion reactor to activate all previously non-functional doors and lights. Eventually she reaches another exit and finds herself in the acid rain of Crateria again.

Since my main goal was to create an interesting ambience, I added various sound effects to this track. One of these sound effects is what you might call “computer noises”. I decided to record real digital communication signals from a computer to create these “computer noises”, which even contain a secret message. Maybe you can decode it …


– VC340 (strings)
– OB-6 (background pad)
– System-100M (sound effects)
– Proteus/1 (choir)
– Proteus/2 (timpani; this sound was used in Super Metroid too)
– KORG A1 (delay/reverb for the Proteus sounds)
– Eventide Eclipse (reverb for the OB-6 sounds)
– PCM-D100 (real world sound effects, including relays, CFL lamps, fansfrom an ASR1000 series router, …)


– Cubase Pro 10
– Eventide Blackhole (used for various sound effects)
– Sonnis “GameAudioGDC” SFX library

56. Wonderwave
by Drakeld
Underwater Depths (Metroid Fusion)

57. Operation Golem
by Prophetik
Title Screen (Metroid Prime: Federation Force)

58. Twilight Zone
by Zack Parrish, Sebastian Mårtensson
Title screen (Metroid Prime: Blast Ball)

Artist's Notes:
“This, and The Plot Thickens, was the first times Zack Parrish and I collaborated on tracks. Zack and I had the idea to surprise Darren with a track he would’ve never asked for. It would open with something classic Metroid and then just turn into something quite different. Zack made the groundwork on this one and I added guitars. The middle segment was left quite open for me to improvise and create something while the beginning and end had really clear visions from Zack. It wasn’t until we basically had the entire track that we thought about adding the commentator, audience and Samus. I’m so happy that we did, though. Alex Parrish did a great job at voicing Samus and I had a lot of fun being the commentator.”
- Sebastian Mårtensson


Alex Parrish — Voice of Samus
Sebastian Mårtensson — Announcer
Sebastian Mårtensson and Tove Petersson — Crowd and chants

59. Go Rogue
by Moa Lenngren
Vs Diggernaut (Metroid: Samus Returns)

60. Call of the Warrior
by Vincent Rubinetti feat. The Reddit Symphony Orchestra
Theme of Samus Aran: Galactic Warrior (Super Metroid)


Arranged, orchestrated, and produced by Vincent Rubinetti.
Mixed by CasuallyNothing and Vincent Rubinetti.
Lyrics by Vincent Rubinetti, Mary Kate Jiménez-Wall, and Joanna Moxley.

Performed by the Reddit Symphony Orchestra.

Special thanks to CasuallyNothing.

61. Harmony Returns
by Zack Parrish
Opening (Metroid), Prologue (Super Metroid), Main Theme, Metroid Prime (Metroid series)

62. Below the Ice and Snow
by Misplaced
Original track (Original Arrangement)

“The song was first jammed into the universe in the band’s rehearsal spot in Umeå back in 2009. Back then it didn’t have any lyrics and the current chorus didn’t exist. The idea when creating the riff was to, for the first time, try to write a song in 5/4 time signature. We were slightly inspired by the classic jazz track Take Five. But today I don’t think there’s much more similarities with Take Five other than the time signature. We didn’t get much further than the riff when we were jamming and the track just lived on as a phone recording for over ten years. However, after some tinkering many years later, it was eventually rearranged and got lyrics that loosely told the story of one of Sebastian’s favourite moments in Metroid Prime – entering the ice cold Phendrana Drifts after exiting the lava steaming Magmoor Caverns. The voice is meant to be a chozo storyteller and the second bridge is referencing a Chozo Lore message from Phendrana Drifts called “Entrusted One”.”
- Sebastian Mårtensson

63. A Hunters Epilogue
by Torby Brand
Credits (Super Metroid)

64. Chronicles of Samus
by HiScore
Various Tracks (Metroid series)

“OK, there’s so much to be said about this one. First of all, I didn’t think this would be possible. If we were doing this medley we would have to make it bigger and more epic than the first one. But the first medley was really well received and it was such a huge undertaking making that 10+ minute long track spanning all Metroid games and several different genres. However, Darren and I discussed it and we felt that it would be a great callback to 101% Run. I asked around among my friends to find a crew that I felt could make a solid track together. The first goal was to make a 15 minute track, but it turned into almost a 25 minute one. I didn’t really want to make many tracks myself but didn’t have much of a choice since time started running away and the crew didn’t have time to take on any additional tracks on the ones they were doing already. I’m super proud of everyone involved in this track and, for me personally, this is one of the coolest tracks I’ve been a part of. It tells the story and the journey that players have taken with Samus since the NES days. One game at the time in the order of their release and at the end sending a short little hint at the future of Metroid with the inclusion of the vs. Corpious melody from Metroid Dread. I’m just super proud and so thankful for everyone involved in this! I think it turned out absolutely great! It was really close that it wasn’t finished on time, but here we are and the track is on the album. And it’s way better than I ever dared hope.”
Sebastian Mårtensson


Escape Theme (Metroid) – Moa Lenngren
Metroid Hatchling (Metroid II: Return of Samus) – Sebastian Mårtensson & Tove Pettersson
Theme of Super Metroid (Super Metroid) – Thomas Lundell
Sector 4 – AQA (Metroid Fusion) – Samuel Lidström
Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime) – Simon Palmblad
Kraid Battle Theme (Metroid: Zero Mission) – Mauricio de Carvalho
Sanctuary Fortress (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes) – Sebastian Mårtensson
Chozo Artifact Temple (Metroid Prime Pinball) – Joel Sandberg
Celestial Archives (Metroid Prime: Hunters) – Drakeld (Hugo Willén & Rasmus Wallin)
Gandrayda’s Theme (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) – Moa Lenngren
Metroid Prime Trilogy Theme (Metroid Prime Trilogy) – Sebastian Mårtensson
Approaching Sector Zero (Metroid: Other M) – Samuel Lidström
Splash Screen (Metroid Prime: Federation Force) – Sebastian Mårtensson
Chozo Laboratory (Metroid 2: Samus Returns) – Sebastian Mårtensson
Metroid Main Theme (Metroid series) – Samuel Lidström & Sebastian Mårtensson


Samus’ Fanfare (Metroid series) – Moa Lenngren
Item Acquisition (Metroid series) – Sebastian Mårtensson
Item Room (Metroid) – Sebastian Mårtensson & Samuel Lidström
Vs. Corpious (Metroid Dread) – Sebastian Mårtensson & Samuel Lidström


Project Lead and planning – Sebastian Mårtensson
Mastering – Samuel Lidström
Lead medley mix – Samuel Lidström
Additional medley mix – Sebastian Mårtensson
Intro sound design – Moa Lenngren
Transitional sound design – Samuel Lidström & Sebastian Mårtensson
Saxophone on Celestial Archives – Bobbie Jane Desforge
Vocals on Metroid Main theme – Tove Pettersson
Samus Voice Actor – Alex Parrish
Adam Voice Actor – Zack Parrish
Sector Zero Alarm Voice Actor – Sebastian Mårtensson
Resampling of strings (Chozo Artifact Temple) – Joel Sandberg & Sebastian Mårtensson
Resampling of drums (Escape Theme, Gandrayda’s Theme) – Samuel Lidström & Sebastian Mårtensson
Special thanks – Darren Kerwin & Zack Parrish

65. Corruption Consumed
by Julia Seeholzer feat. The University of San Diego Choral Scholars
Credits (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)


Directed and produced by Juan Carlos Acosta
Audio engineering by Zack Parrish

Angelique Brown
Elora Dannan
Melissa Tumlos
Madison Vertson
Libby Weber

Rosalyn Arvizu
Annie Flati
Elizabeth Gagle
Julia McAtee
Ruiwen Wang

Juan Carlos Acosta
Will Altinger
Jack Hemphill
Sam Stringer

Payton Asch
Adam Davis
Aidan Conant Guy
John Mitchell

Artwork created for release:
"CHOZO (Metroid: Zero Mission)" by garlagan
"The Last Metroid (Metroid II): by DisturBug
"Golden Statue (Super Metroid)" by Vectrex28
"Samus X (Metroid Fusion)" by Heather Wright
"Hello Again (Metroid Prime)" by Nate Horsfall
"Emperor’s Legion (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes)" by David Verstraete
"Final Battle on Phaaze (Metroid Prime 3: Corruption)" by Glaedrax
"Hope (Metroid: Samus & Joey Manga)" by Vectrex28

Harmony of a Hunter Returns logo: Gabriel "Hellgab" Leoni

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