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Bossies Play Bosses: A Tribute to Matt Wood

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Aug 06, 2021
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Name Your Price
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement
Publishermig50 / /


Performer / Jackal (Zio Oxview, Robby Vocke, Corey Myers, Karl Germ)
    Bass / Zio Oxview
    Drums / Robby Vocke
    Guitar / Corey Myers, Karl Germ
Performer / Bel Monte (Jeffrey Owens, Dale Goodman, Matt Nodale, Sonny DeCarlo)
    Bass / Matt Nodale, Sonny DeCarlo
    Drums / Jeffrey Owens, Dale Goodman
Performer / Bit Brigade (Noah McCarthy, Bryant Williamson, Jace Bartet, Luke Fields, Mike Albanese, Noah McCarthy)
    Bass / Luke Fields
    Drums / Mike Albanese
    Guitar / Bryant Williamson, Jace Bartet
Performer / The Bovine Fury (John Lipfert, Christine Lipfert, Matt Heath)
    Bass / Christine Lipfert
    Drums / Matt Heath
    Guitar / John Lipfert
Performer / The Tonberries (Bijan Eghtesady, CeCe Luckey, Ian Luckey, Ian Martyn)
    Bass / Ian Luckey
    Drums / Bijan Eghtesady
    Accordion / CeCe Luckey
    Irish Bouzouki / Ian Martyn
Performer / THESHIZZ
    Bass / brodan, Daddy Winky, Ian Martyn, Jay Kim, Mai, Steven Soderberg, Andre Beller, Darmock, Josh Pendlebury, Kev Ragone, Marshall Art, mig50, Obenium, Raub, Robby, Sagnewshreds, Wozz
    Drums / Kev Ragone
    Guitar / Andre Beller, Daddy Winky, Darmock, Josh Pendlebury, mig50, Obenium, Raub, Robby, Sagnewshreds, Wozz, brodan, Ian Martyn, Jay Kim, Kev Ragone, Mai, Marshall Art, Steven Soderberg
Performer / Stemage, Kev Ragone, NESTERBABIES, Robby V, Phil Buckman, mig50, Travis Bolek, Chris Taylor, TheBitterRoost, Weener, Xoc, Treasure MammaL, Ailsean, Cacomistle, Golf Boys, atomic-guy, evilsonic, Mirage Music Club (Alex Atchley, Scotty Warren, Brandon Young), Kareshi, Tim Green, Alfonso Portela, Jackal
Presents / Xoc
Guitar / Ian Martyn
Mandolin / Ian Martyn
Tribute to / Matt Wood


Disc 1

01 Jackal - Goonies 2 1:30
02 Bel Monte - Castlevania 5:48
03 Bit Brigade - Double Dragon 1:05
04 Stemage ft Kev Ragone - Ikari Warriors 2:16
05 Xoc Presents NESTERBABIES - Excitebike [2021 Remix] 0:08
06 Robby V - Ghosts 'n Goblins 1:04
07 Phil Buckman - Batman 3:51
08 The Bovine Fury - Punch Out!! 4:20
09 mig50 & Kev Ragone - Sloppy Double Dragon 1:11
10 Travis Bolek, Chris Taylor, & TheBitterRoost - Contra 4:47
11 Weener n Xoc - Song C 1:35
12 Treasure Mammal - Goonies R Good Enough 3:20
13 Ailsean - Blaster Master Contra 5:44
14 Cacomistle - Double Dragon 1:14
15 Golf Boys ft Kev Ragone - Ninja Gaiden 4:10
16 Ian Martyn - La Moto Eccitato 0:21
17 atomic-guy & evilsonic - Kid Icarus 1:40
18 The Tonberries - Ghosts 'n Goblins 1:37
19 Mirage Music Club - The Man Who Whipped Too Much (Castlevania) 5:14
20 Kareshi - Ninja Gaiden 4:14
21 Tim Green & Alfonso Portela - Excite Bike 0:45
22 THESHIZZ - Mega Man 2 Mega Medley 10:50
Disc length 66:44



Matt Wood, former Minibosses drummer, was diagnosed with a rare cancer earlier this year. A collection of more than 50 of his friends, fans, and ex & current bandmates contributed to this album of classic Minibosses covers as a way to lift Matt's spirits and raise some money for him during this difficult period.

The great news is that Matt has completed his treatment and is now in remission! Matt & his family are still facing substantial medical bills & living costs from the treatment period, so please consider donating if you are able! All funds raised from sales of this album will go directly to Matt.

1) Goonies 2
Played by Jackal
Jackal are Zio Oxview (bass), Robby Vocke (drums), Corey Myers (guitar), Karl Germ (guitar)

2) Castlevania
Played by Bel Monte
Bel Monte are Jeffrey Owens, Dale Goodman (drums), Matt Nodale, Sonny DeCarlo (bass)

3) Double Dragon
Played by Bit Brigade
Bit Brigade are Bryant Williamson (guitar), Jace Bartet (guitar), Luke Fields (bass), Mike Albanese (drums), Noah McCarthy (player 1)

4) Ikari Warriors
Played by Stemage and Kev Ragone

5) Excitebike [2021 Remix]

6) Ghosts 'n Goblins
Played by Robby V

7) Batman
Played by Phil Buckman

8) Punch Out!!
Played by The Bovine Fury
The Bovine Fury are John Lipfert (guitar), Christine Lipfert (bass), and Matt Heath (drums)

9) Sloppy Double Dragon
Played by mig50 and Kev Ragone

10) Contra
Played by Travis Bolek, Chris Taylor, and TheBitterRoost

11) Song C
Played by Weener and Xoc

12) Goonies R Good Enough
Played by Treasure MammaL
Treasure MammaL is Abe

13) Blaster Master Contra
Played by Ailsean

14) Double Dragon
Played by Cacomistle

15) Ninja Gaiden
Played by Golf Boys and Kev Ragone
Golf Boys are mig50 and Ben

16) La Moto Eccitato
Played by Ian Martyn (mandolin, guitar)

17) Kid Icarus
Played by atomic-guy and evilsonic

18) Ghosts 'n Goblins
Played by The Tonberries
The Tonberries are Bijan Eghtesady (drums), CeCe Luckey (accordion), Ian Luckey (bass), Ian Martyn (Irish bouzouki)

19) The Man Who Whipped Too Much (Castlevania)
Played by Mirage Music Club
Mirage Music Club are Alex Atchley, Scotty Warren, Brandon Young

20) Ninja Gaiden
Played by Kareshi

21) Excite Bike
Played by Tim Green and Alfonso Portela

22) Mega Man 2 Mega Medley
Played by THESHIZZ
Password Entry: Andre Beller (guitar), Raub (guitar), Jay Kim (bass), Kev Ragone (drums)
Stage Select: Andre Beller (guitar), Daddy Winky (guitar, bass), Kev Ragone (drums)
Level Selection: EVERYONE (guitar, bass), Kev Ragone (drums)
Air Man: Josh Pendlebury (guitar), Darmock (guitar), Ian Martyn (bass), Kev Ragone (drums)
Bubble Man: Wozz (guitar), Daddy Winky (guitar), Sagnewshreds (guitar), Steven Soderberg (bass), Kev Ragone (drums)
Quick Man: Robby (guitar), Mai (bass), Kev Ragone (drums)
Flash Man: mig50 (guitar), brodan (bass), Kev Ragone (drums)
Boss Fight / Victory: Obenium (guitar), Sagnewshreds (guitar), Daddy Winky (bass), Kev Ragone (drums)
Wily Intro / Wily 1: Marshall Art
Ending: Marshall Art

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