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AYA – AD:HOUSE Character book-

Catalog Number DVSP-0202
Release Date Aug 10, 2018 C94
Publish Format Doujin/Indie, Enclosure
Release Price 1500 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Work
PublisherDiverse System / /


Music Created by / sweez, Meine Meinung, Kenichi Chiba / , ag, Hiroshi Okubo / , Yamajet, Shoichiro Hirata, Takahiro Eguchi / , Tomohiko Togashi
Featuring / EVO+, 倉先, TEA, Sana, Kanae Asaba, SAK.
Produced by / YsK439
Main Illustration / Mika Pikazo
Illustration / Benio / , サイトー, 巻羊, 焦茶, KEI, usi, ERIMO, 左, おるだん
Package Design / clocknote.


Disc 1

01 ララルトゥタ
02 Secret Love
03 Follow Me
04 Clear Memories
05 Shining Girl, Shyness Love
06 BANG!
07 夏恋 feat. Kanae Asaba
08 dreamland



A Comic Market 94 release

Event Price: 1500 yen
Shop Price: 1944 yen

Artbook compiling art based off of the AD:HOUSE mascot character "Aya Oozora", originally designed by Mika Pikazo. Included are concept sketches of the character done by Pikazo, original illustrations of the character by other artists, song lyrics for selections from the AD:HOUSE series, and artwork and tracklists from the prior AD:HOUSE releases.
Each song lyric page contains a QR code, which leads to a direct download of the specific track.
SAK. is not credited as a featured artist for "Clear Memories" on this specific release, but was credited on the previously released AD:HOUSE 4, where the track appears in identical form.

sweez / Meine Meinung: 01
Kenichi Chiba feat. EVO+: 02
ag feat. 倉先: 03
Hiroshi Okubo: 04
Yamajet feat. TEA: 05
Shoichiro Hirata feat.Sana: 06
Takahiro Eguchi + Tomohiko Togashi: 07
Kenichi Chiba feat. EVO+: 08

Produced by YsK439
Main Illustration by Mika Pikazo
Package Design by clocknote.
Webdesign by 91
Guest Illustration by 紅緒, サイトー, 巻羊, 焦茶, KEI, usi, ERIMO, 左, おるだん

Music Created by
sweez / Meine Meinung
Kenichi Chiba feat. EVO+
ag feat. 倉先
Hiroshi Okubo
Yamajet feat. TEA
Shoichiro Hirata feat. Sana
Takahiro Eguchi + Tomohiko Togashi, Kanae Asaba

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