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Crawlco Block Knockers Original Video Game Soundtrack

Catalog Number STS-122 (U.S. printing of N/A)
Barcode 616967900149
Release Date Nov 2021
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 25.00 USD
Media Format Vinyl (12")
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherShip to Shore PhonoCo. / /


Composer / Opus Science Collective


Disc 1

01 Block Knockers (Title Theme) 2:04
02 Knocked Up (Menu Theme) 1:13
03 Let's Get Knockin' (Tutorial Theme) 1:00
04 Girls On Blocks (Level Theme 1) 3:49
05 Lipstick & Lolliblocks (Level Theme 2) 3:29
Side length 11:35
06 Knock, Block & Roll (Level Theme 3) 3:26
07 Knockturnal (Level Theme 4) 3:38
08 Knocked Off (Stage Clear) 0:09
09 Knock Blockers (Boss Theme) 1:33
10 Don't Come Knockin' (End Credits) 2:37
11 Knocked Out (Game Over) 0:12
Side length 11:35



Green vinyl. Comes in a die-cut jacket.

Composed, Performed and Produced by Opus Science Collective
Vinyl Release Coordianted by Aaron Hamel & Justin A. Martell
Artwork by Mike Luckas
Mastering by Dietrich Schoenemann
Ship To Shore PhonoCo. Team: Mark Finch, Aimee Kuge, Joe Schack, Mike Soto

Notes from Parent Album:
"'Crawlco Block Knockers' blends a 16-Bit aesthetic with modern, cartoonish visuals. The music aims to do the same, blending late 80s/early 90s musical elements with modern production.
Please note, 'Crawlco Block Knockers' is an adult-themed video-game containing some cartoon nudity. It is age-rated 18+ and is NSFW (not safe for work)."

All music written & produced by OSC

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