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Various Secret Continents

Catalog Number aeecd 8
Release Date Dec 31, 2010
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 10.00 EUR
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Original Work
PublisherAleksi Eeben / /
Exclusive RetailerBandcamp / /


Composer / Aleksi Eeben
Featuring / Antti Hukkanen


Disc 1

01 The Black Salamander 9:09
02 The Snow Salamander (Feat. Antti Hukkanen) 7:15
03 The Sun Salamander 8:05
04 The Rye Salamander 2:51
05 The Continental Salamander 8:51
06 The Solitary Salamander 3:11
07 The Semolina Salamander 5:36
08 The Snow Salamander (Instrumental) 7:14
Disc length 52:12



"Salamanders are superheroes. Superheroes, almost by definition, have superpowers.

The Snow Salamander is the only reptile in the universe, that can survive ice, snow and winter. In war, this can be quite an advantage: Not even the vilest enemy would expect a reptile to attack them during the coldest winter. Resembles Xena in character and likes DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Black Label for breakfast.

The Sun Salamander spent its childhood in the vast, dry, burning hot deserts near Kalahari. Now it brings sunshine and warmth wherever it goes. That, if anything, is a superpower in this cold, merciless world.

The Rye Salamander can digest Finnish rye bread without any stomach pain or flatulence. This is thought to be an extremely rare, yet rather useless superpower. Time will tell. That could be the mark of the king when rye farmers rise to power.

The Continental Salamander is the traveller type. Although young, it's the only Salamander that has lived on each one of the Secret Continents. Other Salamanders don't even know the total number of them. Which is, by the way, seven.

The Solitary Salamander is a former high-rank military officer, now retired with honors and also a few little, juicy scandals. Now it wears sandals and no longer aims to kill all non-reptiles. Its superpower is its complete inner calmness. Small in stature. But absolutely nothing could ever upset this knightly creature. It's been told that it has even survived the hour of the wolf without crying.

The Semolina Salamander is one who did not appear until recently. "A Salamander who collects shurikens can't be all bad", thought the Black one and let it in. During the night it became clear that it could recall all the plot twists of Dallas into the very finest detail. "That is good enough for a superpower", said Black. And on they went with a few more glasses of wine and a few more episodes.

The Black Salamander, unlike all other Salamanders, bears no special ability. But it somehow knows about the superpowers of all the other Salamanders and occasionally, yet rarely, feels connected with them."

Track 1 is used in an iOS game, One Infinite Tunnel.

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