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Live in Brazil

Catalog Number MCOL-0370
Barcode 811576034692
Release Date Oct 01, 2021
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 10.00 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Live Event
LabelMateria Collective / /
Phonographic CopyrightMateria Music / /


Creator / Shota Nakama /
Producer / Shota Nakama /
Lead Arranger / Shota Nakama /
Arranger / Sachiko Miyano / , Tee Lopes, Falk Au Yeong
Mixing Engineer / thebishopgame
Mastering Engineer / Jonathan Wyner (M Works Mastering)
Lead Vocal / Dave Vives
Electric Violin / Chris Baum
Keyboard / Derek Dupuis
Backing Vocals / Derek Dupuis, Shota Nakama / , Masato Itoh / , Louis A. Ochoa
Guitar I / Shota Nakama /
Guitar II / Masato Itoh /
Bass / Louis A. Ochoa
Drums / Bruno Valverde
Conductor / Vitor Zafer
Orchestra / Solaris Orquestra
Orchestra Managing Director / Fabiola Rosa
Orchestra Personnel Manager / Michelle Picasso
Live Sound Engineer / thebishopgame
Drum Tech / Eder Oliveira
Rehearsal Studio / Greenhouse Studios
Staff / Gus Soularis, George Fonseca, Murilo "Lilo" Lima, Ryu Morita, Suzana Suguimori
Music Production Company / soundtrec
Additional Orchestral Recording / Four for Music, Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra
Social Media Manager / Maho Azuma /
Album Cover Designer / Canuto Jonathan
Logo Designer / Hirak
Special Thanks / Brazil Game Show, Marcelo Tavares, Renan Barreto, Thiago Caldas, Line 6, Yamaha, Roland, NS Design, Focusrite, Naoko Ando, ANGRA, Antonio Teoli, Eder Oliveira, Tiago Rocha, Brenda Mendes, Nathália Gonçalves, Fernando Tavares, Victória Vianna, Nicolas Nunes, Guilherme Vieira, Evelyn Chen, Jamila Guimarães, Nilza Jeremias, Ícaro Felizardo


Disc 1

01 Prelude (from "Final Fantasy") 3:36
02 Fist Bump (from "Sonic Forces") 4:40
03 Endless Possibility (from "Sonic Unleashed") 5:15
04 Maze of Life (from "Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth") 6:03
05 Life Will Change (from "Persona 5") 5:13
06 Vampire Killer (from "Castlevania") 4:55
07 Time's Scar (from "Chrono Trigger" & "Chrono Cross") 7:27
08 Legend's Land (from "Re:Legend") 2:25
09 Green Hill Zone (from "Sonic the Hedgehog") 3:00
10 Escape from the City (from "Sonic Adventure 2") 4:49
11 Live and Learn (from "Sonic Adventure 2") 4:35
12 One-Winged Angel (from "Final Fantasy VII") 8:22
13 Heavens Divide (from "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker") 5:17
14 Snake Eater (from "Metal Gear Solid 3") 5:17
Disc length 70:54

Translated by Mark Terry


This album captures the live performance tracks of Video Game Orchestra's epic concert debut in Brazil! Featuring new arrangements of the most beloved game music with all new face-melting guitar solos, powerful vocals, and tons of pure interactive energy achieved only in a truly live concert experience. Video Game Music x Rockestral Music = a concert production you don't want to miss. The concert was recorded on October 12th, 2019, at the Brazil Game Show.

Creator / Producer / Lead Arranger: Shota Nakama
Arranger: Sachiko Miyano, Tee Lopes, Falk Au Yeong
Mixing Engineer: thebishopgame
Mastering Engineer: Jonathan Wyner (M Works Mastering)

Lead Vocal: Dave Vives
Electric Violin: Chris Baum
Keyboard / B.Vocals: Derek Dupuis
Guitar I / B.Vocals: Shota Nakama
Guitar II / B.Vocals: Masato Itoh
Bass / B.Vocals: Louis A. Ochoa
Drums: Bruno Valverde

Conductor: Vitor Zafer
Orchestra: Solaris Orquestra
Orchestra Managing Director: Fabiola Rosa
Orchestra Personnel Manager: Michelle Picasso

Live Sound Engineer: thebishopgame

Drum tech: Eder Oliveira

Rehearsal Studio: Greenhouse Studios
Staff: Gus Soularis, George Fonseca, Murilo "Lilo" Lima, Ryu Morita, Suzana Suguimori

Music Production Company: soundtrec
Additional Orchestral Recording: Four for Music, Moscow Bow Tie Orchestra

Social Media Manager: Maho Azuma
Album Cover Designer: Canuto Jonathan
Logo Designer: Hirak

==Special Thanks===
Brazil Game Show
Marcelo Tavares
Renan Barreto
Thiago Caldas
Line 6
NS Design
Naoko Ando
Antonio Teoli
Eder Oliveira
Tiago Rocha
Brenda Mendes
Nathália Gonçalves
Fernando Tavares
Victória Vianna
Nicolas Nunes
Guilherme Vieira
Evelyn Chen
Jamila Guimarães
Nilza Jeremias
Ícaro Felizardo

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