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Star Wars: Visions - The Village Bride

Star Wars: Visions - The Village Bride (Original Soundtrack)
Catalog Number D003901625
Barcode 00050087495008
Release Date Oct 15, 2021
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 9.49 USD
Media Format Digital
Classification Original Soundtrack, Vocal
LabelWalt Disney Records / /
Phonographic CopyrightLucasfilm Ltd. / /


Music / Kevin Penkin
Featuring / Emi Evans
Music Producer / Hiromitsu Iijima /
Music Production / Irma La Douce
Vocals / Emi Evans
Lyrics / Emi Evans
Shō Performance / Mayumi Miyata
Recorded at / Trackdown Studios, The Simon Leadley Scoring Stage
Performed by / Sydney Scoring Orchestra
Orchestra Producer / Nicole Brady
Score Engineer / Craig Beckett
Studio Management / Elaine Beckett
Mixed by / John Rodd
Piano / Nicole Brady
Harp / Emily Granger
Koto / Kazushi Okimasa
Shakuhachi / Soh Tanomura /
Shamisen / Akira Tanabe
Additional Vocals / Milly Jones
Additional Cello / Mason Lieberman


Disc 1

01 The Village Bride [feat. Emi Evans] 4:31
02 CHIKYŪ 0:44
03 A Desert of Two Sons 1:18
04 Bue, Pluck & Bow 3:04
05 IZUMA 1:17
06 A Flock of X-Wings Descend Into a Mountain's Garden 2:15
07 Requiem for Blasters 1:21
08 MAGINA x FORCE [feat. Emi Evans] 2:21
09 Postlude 0:57
10 Composer Diaries: Children of Magina [feat. Emi Evans] 6:36
Disc length 24:24



Music by Kevin Penkin

Music Producer: Hiromitsu Iijima
Music Production: Irma La Douce

Vocals & Lyrics: Emi Evans
Shō Performance: Mayumi Miyata
Mixed by John Rodd

Sydney Recordings
Recorded at Trackdown Studios, The Simon Leadley Scoring Stage
Performed by Sydney Scoring Orchestra
Orchestra Producer: Nicole Brady
Score Engineer: Craig Beckett
Studio Management: Elaine Beckett
Piano and Harp by Nicole Brady and Emily Granger

Tokyo Recordings & Other Musicians
Koto by Kazushi Okimasa
Shakuhachi by Soh Tanomura
Shamisen by Akira Tanabe
Additional Vocals: Milly Jones
Additional Cello: Mason Lieberman

Production Staff & Special Thanks
Muneki Ogasawara
Justin Leach
Jack Penkin
Jo Penkin
Katharine Jesse Penkin
Winston Tang
Nicholas McDonnell
Julia Gstöttner

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