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GWAVE 2008 1st Experience

Catalog Number IMAE-00027
Release Date Dec 26, 2008
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 3150 JPY
Media Format CD
Classification Vocal
PublisherSOL International / /



Disc 1

01 Lunatic Tears... 5:39
02 Like a Blazing Wind, Like a Raging Flame 4:56
03 Tangled Hair 4:10
04 Passion 4:16
05 Like a Plucked Flower 4:28
06 A Caged Bird in the Darkness 5:09
07 ALBA 4:38
08 step by step 5:05
09 Kuru Kuru Lovely day!!! 3:53
10 Magical × Miracle 4:16
11 Memories henceforth 4:27
12 Goldbach's Romance Forecast 3:48
13 Party☆Party Time! 4:03
14 glitter 4:01
15 Beyond My Feelings 5:25
16 Vision ~Season of Snow~ 4:43
Disc length 72:57



Tr.01 from Lass title "11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo-"
written & performed by Ayane
composed & arranged by Tatsh

Tr.02 from Alicesoft title "Beat Blades Haruka"
written by HIRO
composed by Shade
performed by UR@N

Tr.03 from Atelier Kaguya[TEAM HEARTBEAT] title "Natsukami"
written by Akuta Utsuro
composed, arranged & performed by Riryka

Tr.04 from Liar-soft title "Masked Shanghai ~Mato Kobushi Kyanten~"
written & performed by Rita
composed & arranged by Shinichiro Matsumoto

Tr.05 from Black Cyc title "Yami no Koe ZERO"
written, composed & arranged by Junzo Yagami
performed by Erena Kaibara

Tr.06 from LAPIS BLUe. title "BIFRONTE ~Kugaitoukitan~"
written & performed by Rekka Katakiri
composed & arranged by Morrigan

Tr.07 from C:Drive. title "Stellula Eques ~Shokuzai no Himekishi~"
written & performed by Fumi Sakura
composed by Kahan
arranged by pirochi@re-birth

Tr.08 from LOVERSOUL title "LOVERSOUL Fandisk ~Koidamazume~"
written by Ichitaro Kumano
composed & arranged by Soh Asagiri
performed by Mayumi Kanzaki

Tr.09 from Frontwing title "Makai Tenshi Djibril episode 3"
written, composed & performed by U

Tr.10 from Rhododendron title "Prawf Clwyd"
written by Mao Sumida
composed & arranged by WACHA
performed by Mico Yada

Tr.11 from Clochette title "Kamipani!"
written by Hinako Konno
composed & arranged by Yoshiki Igarashi
performed by Rita

Tr.12 from light title "Sakashiki Hito ni Miru Kokoro"
written & composed by Hideki Higuchi
performed by WHITE-LIPS

Tr.13 from Chuablesoft title "Sugar+Spice! Party☆Party"
written, composed & arranged by Kensei
performed by Rita

Tr.14 from Whirlpool title "MagusTale Infinity"
written & performed by Miyuki Hashimoto
composed & arranged by Masaki Suzuki

Tr.15 from YUZUSOFT title "Natuzora Kanata"
written & performed by Haruka Shimotsuki
composed by Famishin&Saki
arranged by Mamoru Mori

Tr.16 from Bloomhandle title "Konayuki Fururi ~Yuzuhara Curling Club~"
written by Eri
composed & arranged by Tomoyuki Hamada
performed by Nozomi Shibahara

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