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Disciples: Liberation Soundtrack

ディサイプルズ リベレーション SOUNDTRACK
Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Nov 25, 2021
Publish Format Commercial, Preorder/Early Purchase Bonus
Release Price 7678 JPY (Package Price)
Media Format CD
Classification Original Soundtrack
PublisherKalypso Media Japan / /


Composed by / Stéphane Arseneault, Jason Létourneau, Jean-Philippe Côté
Produced by / Stéphane Arseneault


Disc 1

01 Disciples Liberation Main Theme
02 A Home and Hope for All
03 Ancient Vaults and Old Secrets
04 Realm of Faith
05 Blood-soaked Swamps
06 Travelling the Whitelands
07 Fire and Brimstone
08 The Forming of the World
09 Minstrel's Musings
10 Shadowed Halls that Time forgot
11 In Death Unbowed
12 On the Eve of Bloodshed
13 Trial by Blade and Spell
14 Faith and Fire
15 The Highfather's Might
16 The Dance of Blades
17 Fight with Fangs and Claws
18 Fury Unleashed
19 Queen of the Undead
20 Spoils of Victory
21 Bonus - The Liberator's Journey



All music composed and created by Frima Studio

Composed and produced by Stéphane Arseneault.
Tracks 13 and 19 composed by Jason Létourneau.
Track 14 composed by Jean-Philippe Côté.
Track 21 composed by Stéphane Arseneault, Jean-Philippe Côté and Jason Létourneau.

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