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Halo Wars Original Soundtrack

Catalog Number SE-2052-2
Barcode 669311205223
Release Date Feb 17, 2009
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price 15.98 USD
Media Format CD + DVD
Classification Original Soundtrack, Video
LabelSumthing Else Music Works / /


Composer / Stephen Rippy, Kevin McMullan, Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori
Arranger / Stan LePard
Performer / FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague, FILMharmonic Choir Prague, Stephen Rippy, Stan LePard, Kevin McMullan, Northwest Sinfonia
Recording Engineer / Jan Kotzmann
Mastering Engineer / Bob Ludwig
Mastering Studio / Gateway Mastering
Conductor / David Sabee, Adam Klemens, Stanislav Mistr


Disc 1 (CD) Original Soundtrack

01 Spirit of Fire 2:12
02 Bad Here Day 3:01
03 Perspective 1:24
04 Money or Meteors 3:23
05 Flollo 3:01
06 Just Ad Nauseam 0:57
07 Unusually Quiet 1:29
08 Flip and Sizzle 3:39
09 Put the Lady Down 2:21
10 Six-Armed Robbing Suit 2:55
11 Action Figure Hands 3:00
12 Status Quo Show 1:13
13 Part of the Plan 0:30
14 Work Burns and Runaway Grunts 3:07
15 Freaked Out 0:44
16 Rescued or Not 1:31
17 Best Guess At Best 2:56
18 One Problem At a Time 1:14
19 De Facto the Matter 1:31
20 Part of the Problem 2:58
21 Fingerprints Are Broken 3:22
22 Out of There Alive 1:04
23 Through Your Hoops 1:35
24 Under Your Hurdles 1:28
25 Insignificantia (All Sloppy/No Joe) 3:20
Disc length 53:55
Disc 2 (DVD) Original Soundtrack

01 Spirit of Fire: Three Cities 2:23
02 Five Long Years 3:17
03 Teaser Trailer 1:30
04 X-06 1:36
05 Fingerprints Are Broken (Harvest Intro Version) 1:06
06 Five Long Years 3:53
07 Money or Meteors (Arcadia Intro Version) 1:11
08 Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained 1:27
09 Best Guess At Best (Shield Exterior Intro Version) 1:12
10 Quite The Vacation Resort 2:10
11 Bad Here Day (Shield Interior Intro Version) 1:10
12 We're Burning Sunshine 2:47
13 Spirit of Fire 2:17
14 Bad Here Day 3:04
15 Flollo 3:07
16 Just Ad Nauseam 1:01
17 Money or Meteors 3:33
18 Fingerprints Are Broken 3:30
19 Through Your Hoops 1:36
20 Under Your Hurdles 1:30
21 Insignificantia (All Sloppy/No Joe) 3:21
Disc length 46:41

  Total tracks 46   Total length 1:40:36


Comes with a second disc (DVD) with nine additional bonus tracks, nine 5.1 mixes of tracks from the music disc, two cinematic trailers and one behind-the-scenes video.

Original Soundtrack (Disc 1)

All tracks composed by Stephen Rippy (ASCAP) except:
24 composed by Kevin McMullan
Original Halo Theme by Martin O'Donnell (ASCAP) and Michael Salvatori (ASCAP)

Performed by FILMharmonic Orchestra and Choir with: Stephen Rippy (acoustic and electric guitars, bass, electric pianos, melodica, organ, percussion, programming, synthesizers), Stan LePard (piano), Kevin McMullan (additional synthesizers)

Stan LePard: Orchestrations, Adam Klemens: Conductor, Stanislav Mistr: Choir Master

Recorded at: CNSO Studio No.1 (Prague, CZ), Ensemble Studios (Dallas, TX), Studio X (Seattle, WA), Big Al Productions Studios (McKinney, TX), Additional Production: Soundlab (Redmond, WA), Center of the Universe (Allen, TX), Prague Sessions: Jan Kotzmann: Sound Engineer, Cenda Kotzmann: Assistant Engineer, Roman Sklenat: Assistant Engineer, Petr Pycha: Music Contractor and Sessions Organizer

Seattle Sessions: Recorded and Mixed by Reed Ruddy, Josh Evans: Assistant Engineer, Nuance Management, Mike Kutchman: Assistant Engineer

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering (Portland, ME)

Bonus DVD (Disc 2)

All tracks composed by Stephen Rippy (ASCAP) except:
1 composed by Kevin McMullan
Original Halo Theme by Martin O'Donnell (ASCAP) and Michael Salvatori (ASCAP)

Personnel as on disc one except:
Track 1 performed by Northwest Sinfonia (David Sabee, Conductor)

Recorded and mixed by Reed Ruddy at Studio X (Seattle, WA)

Assistant Engineering and Protools: Sam Hofstedt and Josh Evans, Bonus DVD authored at AMS Pictures (Dallas, TX)

Chuck Brown: Senior Editor/Compositor, Grace Kim: Editor/DVD Programmer

Track 01-03【VIDEOS】
Track 04-12【BONUS TRACKS】
Track 13-21【5.1ch SURROUND MIXES】

Japanese subtitles not available on DVD.

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