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ギルティギアイグゼクス in L.A ヴォーカルエディション


All Songs Composed by / Daisuke Ishiwatari / (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)
Vocal Arrangement / Jay Gordon (ORGY), Kinya Sawaguchi / (Triumph), Koichi SEIYAMA
Arrangement / Kinya Sawaguchi / (Triumph), Koichi SEIYAMA
Vocal / Matt Zane, MIKE, FIJT
Lyrics / Hikari Suzuki, David the Big Mountain, Kenny the Noizy Chicken, Ching Kong, Chris
Keyboards / Koichi SEIYAMA
Guitar / Tohru Iwao /
Bass / Shinji Matsumoto /
Drums / Yasuhiro Umezawa /
General Director / Daisuke Ishiwatari / (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)
Producer / Takao Suzuki / (Star Jam Corporation)
Supervisor / Jay Gordon (ORGY), Sammy Corporation, ARC SYSTEM WORKS Co.,Ltd.
A & R / Mitsugu Nakamura / (TEAM Entertainment)
Recording Engineer / Ryo Kozuka /
Mix Engineer / Jay Gordon (ORGY)
Mastering Studio / Memory Tech
Mastering Engineer / Kazuya Sato / (Memory Tech)
Art Direction / Gaku Iizuka / (ATALI)
Design / Gaku Iizuka / (ATALI)
Public Relations / Naoya Matsuzaki / (TEAM Entertainment)
Sales Promotion / Naoya Matsuzaki / (TEAM Entertainment)
Executive Producer / Taku Kitahara / (TEAM Entertainment)
Special Thanks / Etsuko Yamaguchi / (Star Jam Corporation), Tokihide Masuyama (GMIX), Erik Gregory (GMIX), Paige Haley (ORGY), Mitsuaki Fujiwara, Kosuke Fukazawa, Steve Yamashita, Kitajima Music Publishers Inc., Triumph,Inc., Mina, Beats


Disc 1

01 Keep yourself alive II - Sol's Theme 3:59
02 Blue water blue sky - May's Theme 3:36
03 Burly heart - Potemkin's Theme 3:54
04 Writhe in pain - Millia's Theme 3:57
05 Feal a fear - Eddie's Theme 4:05
06 Existence - Vs Assassin's Theme 4:00
07 Momentary life - Baiken's Theme 4:09
08 Liquor bar & Drunkard - Johnny's Theme 3:54
09 Holy orders (Be just or be dead) - Ky's Theme 3:29
10 Bloodstained lineage - Testament's Theme 3:57
11 Shadow festival - Ino's Theme 4:14
12 Nothing out of The ordinary - Same Character 3:43
Disc length 46:57



General Director: Daisuke Ishiwatari (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)

Producer: Takao Suzuki (Star Jam Corporation)
Supervisor: Jay Gordon (ORGY)
A & R: Mitsugu Nakamura (TEAM Entertainment)
All Songs Composed: Daisuke Ishiwatari (ARC SYSTEM WORKS)

Vocal Arrangement: Jay Gordon (ORGY)
                             Kinya Sawaguchi (Triumph)
                             Koichi SEIYAMA

Arrangement: Kinya Sawaguchi (Triumph)
                     Koichi SEIYAMA

Vocal: Matt Zane
Keyboards: Koichi SEIYAMA
Guitar: Tohru Iwao
Bass: Shinji Matsumoto
Drums: Yasuhiro Umezawa

Recording Engineer: Ryo Kozuka
Mix Engineer: Jay Gordon (ORGY)
Mastering Studio: Memory Tech
Mastering Engineer: Kazuya Sato (Memory Tech)

Art Direction & Design: Gaku Iizuka (ATALI)
Public Relations & Sales Promotion: Naoya Matsuzaki (TEAM Entertainment)

Executive Producer: Taku Kitahara (TEAM Entertainment)

Special Thanks: Etsuko Yamaguchi (Star Jam Corporation)
                        Tokihide Masuyama (GMIX)
                        Erik Gregory (GMIX)
                        Paige Haley (ORGY)
                        Mitsuaki Fujiwara
                        Kosuke Fukazawa
                        Steve Yamashita
                        Kitajima Music Publishers Inc.

Supervision: Sammy Corporation
                   ARC SYSTEM WORKS Co.,Ltd.

Hikari Suzuki (1,2)
David the Big Mountain (3,5,7)
Kenny the Noizy Chicken (4,10,11,12)
Ching Kong (6,9)
Chris (8)

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