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Pac-Man Fever

Catalog Number RCT 37941 (reprint of CBS A2055)
Barcode 7494379414
Release Date 1982
Publish Format Commercial
Release Price Unknown (U.S.)
Media Format Cassette
Classification Vocal
OrganizationsCBS Inc.


Composer / Jerry Buckner, Gary Garcia
Mastering Engineer / Bob Ludwig


Disc 1

01 Pac-Man Fever 3:49
02 Froggy's Lament 3:26
03 Ode to a Centipede 5:52
04 Do the Donkey Kong 4:42
Side length 17:49
05 Hyperspace 4:27
06 The Defender 4:13
07 Mousetrap 4:15
08 Goin' Berzerk 4:33
Side length 17:28



All songs written by
Jerry Buckner and Gary Garcia
BGO Music Inc. (ASCAP)

Produced by Jerry Buckner
and Gary Garcia in association with the
Buie Geller Organization
Recorded at Studio 1, Doraville, Georgia

Engineer: Greg Quesnel
Mastered by Bob Ludwig,
Masterdisk, N.Y., N.Y.

Gary Garcia
Lead & background vocals, cowbell,
string polyensemble,
Jason's space gun

Jerry Buckner
Keyboards, string polyensemble,
background vocals

Ginny Whitaker

Larry McDonald

Chris Bowman
Lead & rhythm guitar

Rick Hinkle
Lead & rhythm guitar on "Pac-Man Fever,"
"Mousetrap," and "Goin' Berzerk"

Mike Stewart
Moog synthesizer on "Mousetrap"
and "Going' Berzerk"

Steve Carlisle
Background vocals on "Pac-Man Fever"

Sharon Scott
Background vocals on "Pac-Man Fever"

David "Cozy" Cole
Syndrum on "Pac-Man Fever"

Thanks to Jo An Mason, Stan Jarocki,
Tom Neiman, Rich Renda, Gwen Kessler,
Hans Meurer, Chrissy Rogers,
Melinda Lovell, Sherry Shaver

Special thanks to Mike Raines of
"Funway Freeways," Roger and Al at
"Bumper Junction," "The Den,"
Ernie Gregory, Mike Lampel & Ray Reid
of "Gold Mine" and all our
friends at Columbia Records.

"Pac-Man"TM Midway Mfg. Co.
c 1980 Midway Mfg. Co.

"Frogger"TM Sega Enterprises, Inc.
c 1981 Sega Enterprises, Inc.

"Centipede"TM Atari, Inc.
c 1981 Atari, Inc.

"Donkey Kong"TM Nintendo of America, Inc.
c 1981 Nintendo of America, Inc.

"Asteroids (Hyperspace)"TM Atari, Inc.
c 1979 Atari, Inc.

"Defender"TM Williams Electronics, Inc.
c 1980 Williams Electronics, Inc.

"Mousetrap"TM Exidy, Inc.
c 1981 Exidy, Inc.

"Berzerk"TM Stern Electronics, Inc.        
c 1980 Stern Electronics, Inc.            

Design: John Berg
Photography: David Kennedy

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