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Hey! Listen! Volume 1

Catalog Number N/A
Release Date Jan 31, 2009
Publish Format Doujin/Indie
Release Price Free
Media Format Digital
Classification Arrangement, Original Work
Published by Game Music 4 All / /
Composed by
Arranged by


Disc 1

01 woodman + bubbleman 2:18
02 Take My Hand, Take My Heart 1:54
03 Galeno 2:43
04 Escape Pod 3:08
05 Mega Man Master Spark Mandrill 2:35
Disc length 12:38


Hey! Listen! v1
Mixtape from 01/2009

seal of quality - woodman + bubbleman - from "Level 2: No Power-Ups"

Lumine Hall - Take My Heart, Take My Hand - from "This Album Stinks"

Chiptots - Galleno - from the self titled "Chiptots EP"

Alex Atchley - Escape Pod - demo from the forthcoming album "Post-Punk Depression"

Tanuki Suit Riot - Mega Man Master Spark Mandrill - from their forthcoming "The Edo Album"

Album Artwork by Sasha Palacio

About the artwork:
The woman on the cover is named Haiku, Sasha gives this story about her "Haiku's Story: Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Haiku is a High School senior, gamer, anime fan, and artist. Her Father is a wealthy art collector and once famous Artist himself before his stroke. Her Mother is a beautiful Poet and had named Haiku after the beautiful Japanese form of poetry. Haiku's name held beauty, strength, and deep meaning. Haiku does have a deeper meaning, little does she know, she's the reincarnation of the famous High Priestess that guards the gates to Heaven."

Thank you to everyone who downloads this album, I hope it gets you to find out more about these fantastic musicians and our amazing album cover artist. Also thanks to everyone who contributed to this first mixtape, and look out for volume 2 coming soon!

This album is hosted by Hotdog Storm -

-Anthony "genoboost" Ruybalid


Track 3 - Galeno by Chiptots

me espera?
vou procurar não congelar aqui

vendo o esboço que eu desenhei
só tinha pensado em como seria
sem cor, sem alegria.
joguei fora
não refletia bem o que eu pensei
de inspiração, só tinha um céu cinza

gostei, mas antes vou retalhar esses
desejos que não me levam a lugar algum

a não ser pra mais perto
do que eu queria ser
mas não sou

mais perto
dos lugares que eu queria conhecer
mas não vou

vou congelar aqui
com meus desejos
que não me levam a lugar algum.


Track 4 - Escape Pod by Alex Atchley

"This is A Message from your Captain:
Rescue The Women and children
This ship is going down
Dont you guys stick around."
Baby Don't you know?
We're down dirty and oh so gross.
Falling down onto our knees,
Beg each other not to leave
There's nothing left in this craft
Fight the ghosts of our past
Don't you see the problem?

Escape Pod
Escape Pod...

"This is a message from Starfleet
Do what you can to retreat
The threat has grown much more wide"
creating a cliched great divide
Baby Baby, Don't you see
There's no such thing as you or me
Flip the button, press the switch
Don't you move another inch
I'm gonna leave you behind,
Its what's best for mankind
Good bye
Good Bye
Good Bye

Escape Pod

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