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Catalog Number IN-L001
Barcode 7421127876812
Release Date Apr 2022
Publish Format Commercial, Promo/Gift/Reward
Release Price 30.00 EUR
Media Format Vinyl (12" 33⅓ rpm)
Classification Arrangement
Phonographic CopyrightINORY MUSIC / /


Music / Seiji Yokoyama /
Performance / Budapest Symphony Orchestra
Conductor / François Rousselot
Producer / Gérald Ory, Inory Music
Sound Engineer / Marc Gueroult
Project Manager / Balint Sapszon
Music Editor / Norbert Elek
Transcription / Balint Sapszon, Marwan Piéchaud, Nicolas Lhomond
Planning / Gérald Ory (Inory Music)
Production / Gérald Ory (Inory Music)
Direction / Gérald Ory (Inory Music)
Desktop Publishing / Frédéric Tomé
Mastering Engineer / Jimmy Cassar (Cassar Audio Labs), Gyorgy Mohai
Cover Illustration / Keiichi Ichikawa

Disc 1

01 Orphee's Theme (Saint Seiya The Hades Chapter) 3:28
02 Interlude Lullaby (Jouge's Folktales) 3:59
03 Athena Revived (Saint Seiya - Legend of Crimson Youth) 3:59
04 Kyoto's Night Gion (Yamamura Misa Suspense) 4:06
05 Abel's Theme (Saint Seiya - Legend of Crimson Youth) 1:51
06 The 108 Evil Stars (Saint Seiya The Hades Chapter) 1:17
07 Opening & Ending (From Beyond the Tide) 3:19
Side length 21:59
08 Oyayubi Princess (Wow! Fairytale Kingdom) 2:18
09 Flow Bridge (Yamamura Misa Suspense) 4:41
10 Pandora's Box (Saint Seiya The Hades Chapter) 1:41
11 Shun His Fight (Saint Seiya) 1:10
12 Ending (Hiroshima's Black Cross) 2:16
13 Orphee's Theme (Saint Seiya The Hades Chapter) 3:27
14 Finale ; Under the World Tree (Saint Seiya - The Heated Battle of the Gods) 3:15
15 Athena Revived (Saint Seiya - Legend of Crimson 1:36
Side length 20:24



Tribute album based on the musical world of the famous composer Seiji Yokoyama.

This LP is only for the Kickstarter project backers, and a small part of the albums will be reserved for cultural events.
A reproduction of digital photo of Seiji Yokoyama with signature, a new original artwork by Keiichi Ichikawa reproduced on a square cardboard format, and a postcard of Ker from Saint Seiya illustrated by Spaceweaver are also offered to the contributors.

The album, dedicated to the works of the maestro Seiji Yokoyama, takes up new themes as well as, for the first time, the complete version of "Orphee's Theme of the Lyra" from "Saint Seiya The Hades Chapter" as well as other romantic music from the "Yamamura Misa Suspense" detective films, a very popular saga in Japan.
Music from works unknown to the general public and awarded several times in Japan such as the radio soap operas "Hiroshima no Kuroi no Juujika" (Hiroshima Black Cross) and "Shiosai no Kanata kara" (Beyond the Tide) are faithfully reproduced in this album.
Each piece is reinterpreted by the famous Budapest Symphony Orchestra with the upmost respect for the composer.


Music: Seiji Yokoyama

Budapest Symphony Orchestra (1 ~ 15)

Conductor: François Rousselot (1 ~ 15)

Producer: Gérald Ory (Inory Music)

Sound engineer:
Marc Gueroult (1 ~ 15)

Balint Sapszon (2, 4, 7)
Marwan Piéchaud (8, 9, 12)
Nicolas Lhomond (13)


Planning, production & direction: Gérald Ory (Inory Music)

Desktop publishing (DTP): Frédéric Tomé

Mastering engineer:
Jimmy Cassar (Cassar Audio Labs) (1 ~ 15)

Booklet illustrations: Keiichi Ichikawa

Produced by Inory Music

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